Thursday, June 9, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!

I've had internet issues (for the 3rd time this week!) and also have a grocery list 
calling my name this morning, so I better work fast and get this post going!

- one -

I mentioned on Tuesday that I would be driving a loaner car this week while mine is
in the shop being checked out. I have been driving a 2016 Buick Verano, and really
enjoying it. At first, I was thinking, "A car? A Buick? Seriously?"

But after only a few minutes of driving it, I was changing my mind.  It's a pretty cute
little design, and is super comfortable to drive.


And the soft leather interior is more comfortable and supportive than my favorite Lazy Boy
recliner. The comfort level of this interior really took this car from "no thank you" to
"sure why not!"

But even though this car is a pleasure to drive, I do miss my SUV. I am just not of fan
of having to stoop and drop into a car. I have gotten used to the height of my SUV and
it is much easier on my back to be able to slide right in to a taller automobile.

- two -

Drake has had tummy issues for several weeks now and the vet has now started him
on a special food. He is eating a special Gastro-Intestinal food and getting a powdered
probiotic every morning. 

So now, he is getting medicine for hypothroidism, epilepsy, and for his tummy. 
I hope we can get his tummy troubles resolved soon!

- three -

I don't believe I ever showed you a picture of the umbrella that Hubby and I bought
on Memorial Day, for our deck. 

Our deck has absolutely NO SHADE in the afternoons, and is miserably hot with the
sun shining straight down on it. The umbrella helps quite a bit, so we have been able to
spend a few minutes outside each day. The summer temperatures are here, so any shade
that we can get it much needed!

Thanks for visiting today and I hope you have an awesome Thursday.

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