Thursday, June 23, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Hello and Happy Thursday to you!

Let's get started with...

- one -

My sweet boy is having his surgery today to be "fixed."  The words "spay" 
and "neuter" sound so scary, so I prefer to keep it light-hearted and use the term 

In my opinion, if something is making my boy sick, then it needs to go. It's a no brainer. I 
want my boy healthy and happy for years to come. After his surgery today, he will continue 
to take the Cipro and Bactrum antibiotics for several weeks to completely clear the infection
in his prostate, but we feel confident and have faith that he is now on the road to full recovery,

The house is SO quiet without him here though, Rusty and Shelley don't know what to do
when the big ball of energy and excitement isn't here to stir things up.

Rusty and Shelley may have to learn to play together for the day! :)

- two -

Miss S has been a busy bee this summer. Last week she helped with Vacation Bible School,
and had her Senior portrait taken for the school yearbook. This week she has been
babysitting everyday. She did however make time to head to the movies yesterday
afternoon to see Finding Dory with her friend SC.

After everyone was home last night, we watched the first night of Big Brother 18! There 
are so many interesting personalities in this cast, that we haven't quite picked our favorites 
yet. It will be on again tonight at 8:00, and we will be watching as the first house guest 
of the summer gets evicted. So much drama and excitement in each episode!

- three -

I read an interesting article this week that I wanted to share. As a personal trainer, I am 
frequently asked, "What can I do to tone up my stomach?" My  number one answer to that 
question is almost always, "planks." (No one wants to hear that abs are 80% made in the 

The title of the article is...

Apparently the Army is phasing out the use of sit-ups in their training programs and in
their physical fitness tests.

The Army now believes that "sit-ups can be harmful and there are better ways to
condition and strengthen the core."

In almost 5 years of personal training, I have never once had a client do a sit-up.
There are so many better options available.

I typically have my clients do ab/core exercises like these...


Here is an infographic to go with the article. You can pin it and read the article
later if you are short on time.

What are your go to ab exercises?

What movies have you seen lately?

Are you watching Big Brother this summer?

Have a great day, and I will see you tomorrow.

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