Monday, June 27, 2016

T is for Tired, O is for Overwhelmed, F is for Fashionista

Life is one big hot mess at our house right now.

We thought we had faced the worst and would soon be back to sunshine and 
rainbows, but life had to turn the tables on us. Yes, we are so blessed and thankful 
that Drake doesn't have cancer. Yes, we absolutely believe that we were given a 
miracle, when we got the test results of no cancer. But man, are we having 
lots of little bumps in the road in the aftermath of our miracle.

As a part of Drake's hypothyroidism treatment, he takes two pills a day. With
the prostititus treatment, he has been taking 5 pills a day. He was taking those pills 
like a champ. Put a pill in a piece of hot dog, and those pills were gone in a flash.
Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before a very intelligent Labrador retriever
caught on to the fact that something foreign was in his hot dog. Now he chews in tiny 
little bites, then swallows the hot dog, and spits the pill out on the floor. He is even 
skeptical now about eating his food because he is suspicious that an antibiotic may be
lurking in his food bowl.

Then yesterday, we noticed a whole new problem. In addition to his constipation, and
taking 20+ minutes to attempt to go to the bathroom, every 2-3 hours day AND NIGHT,
trying to keep him comfortable and pain free since his surgery on Thursday, and he also 
suddenly stops cooperating in taking his medicines.

But that's not all...

Look at these red eyes!

Poor baby now has pink eye???

I can't even look at him without almost bursting into tears. He looks pitiful.

Hubby is hopefully going to be able to get some eye drops without having to
load him up and haul him back in to see the vet.

I almost forgot to mention that every animal in my house is sneezing and
snorting. The cat is sneezing, the dachshund is sneezing, and poor Drake
has so much going on, it's hard to keep it all straight.

This mama is TIRED.

This mama is OVERWHELMED.

This mama needs a healthy family, and a happy, restful vacation!

Ok, before I complain, and whine, and drown this post in sleep deprived tears,
I will stop, and post a cute picture of my fashionista daughter!

I will not talk about how she will be moving away to college in 57 weeks.
I will not admit, that I actually counted to see how much time I have left with
her at home, I will just post a pic of her in her cute little romper and sandals.

This is what you look like when you are only 17, and get plenty of sleep!
Her life is good! ;)

This is what you look like when you are tired, overwhelmed, and in need of
a vacation...

In my defense, it has been 95+ degrees with 2000% humidity lately.

 I will try to get myself together and see you tomorrow with less frazzle, whining,
and complaining.


  1. Awww, you and those poor babies. :-( He looks so pitiful. I almost cry just looking at him. On the up side, Ms. S looks stunning!

    1. He has had a very rough 5 weeks, which means I have had a rough 5 weeks. He is my baby, and when he hurts, I hurt! Yes, thank you, Miss S does always looks fabulous! I need to take lessons from her, ha. Love my girl!

  2. Oh no, your poor babies! Those eyes! That's so sad.

    1. That was a really rough time, for sure. We sure miss our sweet boy who passed on July 5 of this year. Our new lab baby is precious and loved, but we will never forget our boy Drake.


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