Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quickie Red Eye Update

Yesterday, I mentioned that Drake now has another issue that we are facing.

We tried to treat his sad, pitiful, blood red eyes as allergies by giving him Benedryl, but
after treating him with the Benedryl during the day yesterday, by late afternoon, I finally 
convinced Hubby that what we were dealing with was more than allergies. Sometimes 
mommy's just know these things and know when an illness is more than "just allergies." 

We called the vet and were given an eye ointment to treat his infection. Yes, one more
medicine to give, (and for 14 days,) but I am relieved that we now have what we need to 
help him get well. He does not like ointment being put in those eyes at all. Our poor baby 
boy has been poked, prodded, and pitiful for way too long. He deserves to be healthy and 
happy! I sure hope we are headed in that direction now.

Happy Tuesday to you, and I will see you on Thursday for Three Things 

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