Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to you! 

Not much to share from this end today... 

You probably wouldn't be too excited to hear about my pretty full work schedule yesterday, 
or read more about the fact that Miss S will be wrapping up her JUNIOR year of high school 
in a matter of days, and I certainly don't want to go into detail about the doggie related 
accident on my rug at 2:30 a.m this morning. (Sigh.)

So, to spare you from any of those "life lately" topics, I want to share a couple of, let's 
call them, "pin worthy" thoughts. Whatever you may call them, they really make me 
want to pause and ponder over them to really soak up their goodness. 

How about we call them "Words of Wisdom?"


Not a bad definition of success at all. How many of us find that we fall a little short on
truly being 100% authentic? I don't even think this is intentional sometimes, it is just 
how many of us are. We live in a judgmental society, so it can be pretty scary to boldly
be who you really are.

I find encouragement in this next one too...


Wow. The idea that is is okay, even beautiful to embrace our imperfections?

That's certainly not what the world today tells us. Take a quick look at almost anything,
or anyone on social media these days and all you see are images that attempt to portray
perfection. People put way more work and effort into pretending that their life is perfect
than they do on celebrating any imperfections. It's a shame really. No one is perfect. We
all know that, but yet people invest a lot of time, energy, and money into portraying that 
image. Remember to keep that in mind before you begin to compare your life (and your 
perceived shortcomings) to pictures and snippets of someone else's life from a social 
media account.

Well, this blog post took an unexpected turn didn't it?!

My plan was to quickly share a couple of inspirational thoughts and instead, I kind of 
jumped up on a soapbox. I suppose that little speech was sitting somewhere inside 
my brain just waiting to come out!


I hope you found something helpful and inspirational to take away with you from this 
post today, and I will see you again tomorrow for "Three Things Thursday!"

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