Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Talk

Can you believe today is the last day in May?

Where did the month go?

Yesterday, my parents joined us for lunch at our house. Hubby cooked SO MANY
BBQ ribs that we will have leftovers for days!

We actually remembered to take a quick family picture after lunch, but we are missing
one important person. Well, we are missing her, but she is at the beach having a ball.

Rusty had so much fun spending time with his grandparents that he needed a little nap
after they left heading home.

Hubby and I ended our day by heading to Lowe's to buy a new umbrella for our deck.
Our whole backyard gets shade in the afternoon, except for our deck. No shade in 
sight for the part that needs it most!

Once Hubby gets the umbrella put together and in place, I will share pics.

Guess I better get ready for work! I've got a busy day with work this morning,
and a client this afternoon. I am happy that we have plenty of leftovers from
yesterday. I should be able to skip cooking until at least Thursday! :)

Have a great day, and remember....

Tomorrow is June 1st!  I believe summer is officially here. The summer heat is
here, that's for sure.

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