Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday to you!

I want to do a quick garden progress update and then quickly talk about what's
for dinner at our house this week.

On April 20th, Hubby was just beginning our garden, so it looked like this...

Today, we have little plants that are growing taller every day...

Yesterday I was surprised to look out at the garden and see this...

What is that little sneak doing in our garden? Maybe I don't want to know... 

Let's quickly change the subject and move on to what I'm cooking this week.

(The Chicken Tetrazzini and the Mexi Mac & Cheese were on last week's menu,
but we didn't end up having either one, so they are back on the schedule for this

Note:  I made the Chicken Tetrazzini last night. The recipe made a LOT of food.
Hubby and I liked it, Miss S said it was "bland." If/when I make it again, I will not
use the whole 16 oz. box of vermicelli pasta like the recipe calls for. That was too
much pasta for us. There is no way we will be able to finish all of this dish, so I
may try to freeze part of it for later.

In other food related news...

Miss S is taking her favorite salad to school for lunch today.

Buffalo Chicken Salad with tomato, pickle, and grated cheese, with Ranch dressing.

She was ready to break into her lunch box as she was leaving the house this morning!

Well, I better get moving. I've got a client this morning and probably should get ready.
Showing up in my pajamas probably wouldn't be too motivating, ha!

Have a great day!

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