Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Toe Socks Tuesday

I am bringing out my new toe socks today!

I had been wanting to order these socks online for a while now, so when I found
them in Mountain High Outfitters on Saturday it was a done deal that I was going
to buy them and give them a try.


This is what my feet look like today!

Why would someone want toe socks?

Toe socks are anatomically designed to the shape of the foot and allow the toes to splay
naturally. Toe splay allows the toes to align naturally and offers the wearer greater stability.

I will be all about the "toe splay" today. Altra Running shoes (which I LOVE) have a 
foot shape toe box to allow the toes to spread naturally and with these socks I should
now have some seriously happy feet.

Toe socks make sense when you stop to consider that there are 26 bones, 31 joints, and
20 muscles in the foot. Toe socks allow your toes to move freely, and so does the extra toe
room in the Altra shoe.

If this combination of toe socks and Altra Running shoes can get and keep my feet
totally pain free, I will be a proud supporter of both for life.

Stay tuned!

And remember to check back tomorrow as I will begin sharing about a topic that has
completely gotten my attention lately. I am looking forward to sharing my new knowledge
and interest with you.

* This was not a sponsored post, or an ad of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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