Thursday, May 26, 2016

Three Things Thursday

- one -

After watching the videos mentioned in yesterday's post, I have been researching
a lot more to learn how to avoid this...

I have been using this informative site to learn which products are safest to use.

view site here

- two -

Products that I currently use that need to be replaced A.S.A.P are:

my face wash...

I learned here that it contains chemicals that can cause organ system toxicity, and cancer.
Suddenly I am not liking this product as much as I did two weeks ago.

and my toothpaste...

I learned here that it can cause cancer, along with developmental and organ system 
toxicity. I just don't see any need to continue to use a product that I now know is not safe.

- three -

Making healthy changes is harder than I realized.

I bough two products that I thought were healthy. According to the labeling
and the packaging, it seemed I was making a smart choice.

I was hoping I had found a healthier snacking option with these "chips." 
Unfortunately once I looked them up, their health rating in a C-.

I bought unsweetened Coconut Milk thinking that it would be a healthier alternative to 
the milk we normally buy. Once I checked it's health rating, I learned that the Great Value
Lactose Free Milk received a better score.

Trying to be a smarter, and healthier shopper is going to be a little trickier than I 
had originally anticipated. Part of me is up for the challenge, but the other part is 
skeptical and discouraged.

Stay tuned and I will share the battle with you. I will share the good, the bad,  and
the ugly as I learn more.

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