Thursday, May 19, 2016

Three Things Thursday

This morning sure began with an unexpected twist!

Miss S had to dress up today for a project in her AP English class. She took extra care
to pick out her dress and shoes last night because one of her best friends (and possible
future roommate at Auburn) wanted to borrow a pair of her wedges. She picked out her
outfit last night, chose the pair of wedges that she would wear, and then let her friend
know that show could borrow her other pair of wedges. Everything was planned, and
all was well.


This  morning, Miss S rushed out of the house with her lunch box, her water bottle,
her backpack, and no wedges for her bestie. About 5 minutes after she left, I noticed
the extra wedges sitting on the kitchen table. After a quick call to Miss S, I jumped 
in the car and rushed to meet her to deliver the wedges. So much drama over one pair
of shoes! 

I sure hope the rest of the day is less crazy and rushed!

Let's relax for a minute, and talk about 3 random things on my mind today...

Michael Weatherly appeared as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo at NCIS for the last time
Tuesday night.


I would say that this last episode was another thing that took an unexpected twist
this week. I certainly did not predict that the season would end the way that it did.
I am happy that Tony ended the season, happy and healthy, so the writers did leave
the option for him to reappear down the road. 

We have watched NCIS for many years, and while I love the other characters, I still have 
a hard time imagining the show without Tony.


Our gardenia bush is blooming!

I love when it blooms because it smells so wonderful. I am thankful that this bush is
pretty hearty and resilient. We never do anything to it, but it still rewards us with these
beautiful, fragrant blooms.

Before I head off to complete errands and have to start getting ready for work, 
I plan to complete this quick workout.

I don't have too much time today, so a workout that can be completed in 45 minutes
will be the perfect solution.

Any unexpected twists happen during your week?

Are you an NCIS fan?

What's your favorite workout to do when you are short on time?

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