Thursday, May 12, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Hello and Happy Thursday! 

Welcome once again to my collection of three random thoughts and things 
from our lives lately.

Yesterday afternoon, Miss S and I were getting ready to park at Target to go in for 
her re-check appointment for her contact lenses. Instead of driving right in 
and parking, we had a slight hold up.

An adorable family of geese was walking through the parking lot in absolutely no
rush whatsoever. I don't know much about geese, but I assume (based on their sizes)
that the Daddy goose is leading, the two babies are in the middle, and the Mommy
goose is following behind to make sure everyone stays in line.

Aren't they just the cutest?! Totally made our day seeing them!

During the school year, and on days when I start my morning around 6:15, I always
seem to find myself low on energy. I picked up some 'new to me' gummies this week,
in hopes that a little extra B-12 in my life might help the situation.

I take one each morning with breakfast and I'm hoping to see a little change in my energy 
levels with these. I'll let you know if they help!

I've got quite the "to do list" today, with cleaning of course... does cleaning
ever not show up on anyone's to do list? I also would like to get in a workout
of my own before work and clients this afternoon. 

I also have a new hair product that I want to try today. I bought it on Tuesday,
and haven't had the chance to try it yet. This is what I bought...

available at Ulta

This product has been on my shopping list for many months, so I used some of my 
Mother's Day money to buy it! I love getting cash as a gift. Deciding how I want
to spend it is so much fun! Shay, from Mix and Match Family, absolutely swears by 
this product and says that absolutely everyone that she recommends it to loves it just 
as much, so I am excited to try it today.

You can read about her love of this product here and also here. I figure if she loves it
enough to mention it more than once, it is worth a try.  (And just a fun fact...
I just found out today that Jennifer Anniston is co-owner of the Living Proof company.)

And one more thing that I found "share-worthy" this week is this blog post found

It offers tips and ideas for perking up your mood when you feel blah, or stuck
in a rut, or just stressed, tired, or bored. I liked several of her tips and thought you
might too.

Alright friends...

Wishing you a happy day, and I'll see you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites!

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