Monday, May 16, 2016

Quickie Weekend Recap

I must confess that this weekend was a completely picture-less one. Normally that
wouldn't be a bad thing, but when it comes to blogging, that tends to make for a slightly
less interesting post.

Maybe you can overlook this for today, and let me just tell you about my weekend?

Okay, so if you are still here, let's talk weekend!

 - Friday -

Miss S attended a birthday party for her bestie that we call 'B-dot.' Several of their
friends went to dinner to celebrate. They were planning to eat at a popular Mexican
restaurant in town (the one where Miss S had her own friend birthday party) but the 
wait for a table was over an hour since no one made reservations. 

They ended up heading to Mugshots for B'dot's birthday dinner instead.

Hubby and I ate at one of the Mexican restaurants closer to our house. I ordered a 
grilled chicken fajita soft taco (which was delicious) but I just didn't take a pic!
I think sometimes, Mexican food is one of those things that just doesn't photograph
well. The food seems to taste better than it looks sometimes, haha.

- Saturday -

Hubby and Miss S went to Atlanta to watch some type of Funny Car / Drag racing event.

You can tell that I don't know a lot about it, but Hubby loves watching it on T.V and
has always wanted to go see the races in person. Miss S was a good sport, and agreed
to go along.

The cars look something like this one...

Ashley Force's car

(Ashley Force is the only name I remember from seeing the races on T.V when Hubby
watches. I tend to kind of tune it out, ha!)

Here are two videos that Miss S took on her phone from the races.

You can watch here...

and one more little clip here...

They wore ear plugs and covered "ear muffs" and still said the noise was unbelievable.

Not even close to my cup of tea!

I had a wonderful, blissful day at home in the total peace and quiet.

I didn't go anywhere or do anything that I didn't want to do. It was 12 hours of
total quiet and stillness. No rushing to be anywhere, no texts from clients wanting
to cancel or change training sessions, no errands to run. Just blissful rest, and it was
 exactly what I needed to restore my soul!

- Sunday -

Sunday was another no picture day, but our Sunday looked like this...


grocery store

staff meeting at the gym

Nothing that really warranted a picture to remember the occasion. ;)

So that was our weekend!

How was yours?

Do you like loud, crowded events, or do you prefer peace, quiet, and calm solitude?

Pop over to Katie's link up to see what other's were up to over the weekend.

Let's make this our goal for the week...

Who's in?

I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. I've been to the track to see a bunch of random stuff (hubs is a mechanic) and I'm always amazed at how dang loud it is!

    1. You are awesome for going with him. My Hubby loved it and is ready to go again! I can not imagine!


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