Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Thank you for dropping by for what could possibly be the world's shortest weekend

Hubby and I took the Jeep out for a few errands on Saturday afternoon.

Since Miss S is off at the beach with her bestie, I borrowed her cute BHM hat to 
wear on our Jeep ride.

Beach bums or beach yogis?

While Hubby and I were in Home Depot, I found this to be some really sound

Simple message. Profound wisdom.

Today, Hubby is at the grill and my parents are joining us for lunch. We wish Miss S
was here, but I'm pretty sure she is exactly where she wants to be.

Beach > Home

Have a wonderful day with your loved ones, and pause for a moment to be thankful
for the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces, especially the ones who
gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedom. 

I'm linking up with Katie for MiMM!

I will see you tomorrow.

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