Monday, May 9, 2016

Manicures, Burgers, and Mother's Day

Hello again and welcome to a brand new week!

We are at that time in May where the countdown to Summer has begun. Miss S has
10 more school days, and then two days of exams. I can hardly believe that in only 12
more school days, my baby girl will be finished with her JUNIOR year of high school!

But, before I begin my week off with crazy mama tears because my baby has grown 
up so fast, let's switch gears and recap our weekend.

Friday afternoon, after watching this video, I was ready to try my own DIY manicure.

I was a little nervous about trying this, but I really don't care much for going to a
nail salon to get my nails done, so this at home option peaked my curiosity.

I was, and am quite pleased with the way my nails turned out!

Friday afternoon, when Hubby got home, he fired up the grill. He knows the way to 
my heart is through a good cheeseburger!

These burgers turned out so huge, that Miss S and I shared one and had plenty
to eat.

Saturday was a pretty low key day for us. Hubby played golf, then came home to
do some work in the yard and I piddled around from one project to the next inside the

Miss S, her boyfriend and 4 more friends went to the fair Saturday night, while Hubby
and I stayed in. Why fight the crowds and traffic, when staying home is so much nicer?!
We caught up on some episodes of NCIS on our DVR.


Sunday we went to church, and were super happy that my parents came to town to go
to church with us. After church, it was time for our Mother's Day lunch.

My mom and I both ordered this Grilled Chicken and Golden Pecan salad.


No holiday gathering is complete without pictures, so after lunch, we fought the wind
to take a couple.

This is the girl that has my heart....the girl that made me a mommy!

And this is me, and Miss S, with the best mom and grandmother anyone could 
ask for.

Looking at these pictures reminds me just how loved and blessed I really am!

Good gracious, I am determined to make myself cry today!

Let me wish you a Happy Monday, and remind you that I'm linking up with
Katie and then sign off before the tears start. I've got too much to do today, to
get weepy and sentimental, haha.

Have a great Monday!

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