Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites

Woo Hoo! It's that time again. Not only is the weekend here, but it
is also time for Friday Favorites!

- one -

I'm super excited that I bought blueberries this week. The price has been so high that I
have wanted to buy, but each week, would decide against it. This week, the price had
finally started to come down a little and I grabbed some! I think blueberries are probably
one of  my favorite fruits, and this pint was definitely worth the money spent!

- two -

These razors have been my favorite for quite a while now. I love the happy pink and
orange colors, but even more, I love that they shave closely, with way less nicks
and cuts.

This has been my shaving gel of choice for years. If I had a dollar back for every can
I have purchased through the years, Hubby and I could retire and buy our condo on 
the beach tomorrow!

I really love the Raspberry Rain scent, and the way the gel protects your legs when 
shaving. These two items make the dreaded chore of shaving your legs a little 
less dreaded.

- three -

This turquoise bottle of lotion caught my eye this week.

Even though I have probably 20 Bath & Body lotions, which I love, I don't always want
to use a super scented lotion. With seasonal allergies like mine, some days just call for a 
body lotion with a milder scent.

This one will definitely be on purchase repeat. The scent is nice, and the lotion leaves
your skin feeling super soft, without leaving an oily residue.

- four -

I'm also really excited that one of our favorite Monday night t.v shows will be
back in just two more weeks. Yes, starting on Monday night, May 23, Jo Jo's
season of The Bachelorette will begin. If I was counting down the days, I might
say something like...

10 more days!!

Happy Friday to you and remember to...

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