Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!

This post is coming out a little late today, but better late than never! I'm kind of in 
a lazy mood this morning. The world of personal training can be a crazy one sometimes, 
so today is kind of like my Saturday, and tomorrow will be more like a Friday. I have to 
head to the gym in the morning to meet with a client, so today will be my "faux Saturday," 
or my stay at home and relax day. Maybe even my mani / pedi day since Mother's Day is
on Sunday.

Without further delay, let's get started!

This week was full of ups and downs, but I do have a few favorites that I want to
share with you today.

- one -

This Caramel Cone Frappuccino is so good!

It is definitely a sweet treat, so not something to get every day, but it sure was
good for a nice mid-afternoon splurge.

 - two -

This t-shirt is just too adorable! If you are a dachshund lover like me, there are 
plenty of others to choose from here. I had a lot of fun just browsing through and
looking at all the different shirts. They sure put a smile on my face.

- three -

My little doxie was my yoga partner yesterday, as he is most days.

The weather was so beautiful yesterday I decided to practice yoga outside on our deck.
I suppose he is trying to keep the sun out of my eyes?  I'm not sure who loves who more, 
but I do know that he is never more than a few steps away from me at any given time.
My shadow has four short legs and a tale!

I opened the windows in the house for a little while yesterday morning, and the pups
loved it! Within a matter of seconds they were both at the window looking out.

- four -

And not to leave the third fur baby out, we found an impostor of our cat on a gift bag at 
Target this week.


The Impostor:

I think that about covers the highlights of my favorites from the week. I am really
looking forward to the weekend. I get to see my parents on Sunday for Mother's Day.
They are coming to church with us, and then we will be having lunch together. I
know we are going to have a wonderful visit together.

Have a great weekend, and to all you mother's out there, Happy Mother's Day!

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