Monday, May 2, 2016

April Showers, May Flowers, and Nascar

Hello again and welcome to our weekend round up! Here is a quick look at what
went on around here...

Friday night looked like this. Thunderstorms meant it was the perfect night for
pizza and Netflix.

It was perfectly fine until we finished the last episode of Gilmore Girls. Now I just
feel sad and really miss Lorelai, Rory, Sookie, Luke and the quaint little town of 
Stars Hollow.

I may have to start over on Season 1 and watch again. Hubby thinks that it's completely
crazy to miss fictional characters, but I think that it means that he wasn't a true die hard
fan. ;)

After the rain on Friday, we went to Home Depot on Saturday afternoon to pick out 
some flowers. I want to have hanging baskets by our garden to add some decorative color. 
Again, Hubby doesn't get it, but he is being a good sport and going along with my plan 

On Sunday, Hubby and Miss S headed to the Talladega Super Speedway. They
have been going to the Nascar race together for several years now and look forward 
to  it every year. 

I am so happy they enjoy going together. I went along once and it was probably
one of the worst days of my life. I wanted to love it like they do, but just couldn't.
It was horrible. It was so, so, so, so, so LOUD. Not my idea of a fun time at all!

I was plenty happy to stay home and watch the race on T.V. Yesterday's race was
one of the most intense I have ever seen! The threat of rain was extremely high,
and the drivers knew that whoever was in the lead at the half-way mark of the race
would be declared the winner if the race happened to be stopped due to rain.

I have never seen a race with so many wrecks. Miss S is a Denny Hamlin fan and
once his car wrecked and was out of the race, she was irritated for the rest of the race.

Poor Denny, and poor Miss S.

While they were at Talladega, I found a May yoga challenge to try.

Day 1 was doable. I didn't do a particularly pretty version of downward dog,
but was proud of myself for trying.

I think I will do okay until around Day 8. I'm afraid that is where the challenge
is going to fall apart for me. I may have to take a pass on several more days too. 
Oh well... You never know until you try!

I guess that about wraps up our weekend recap. Thanks for stopping by today.
I'm linking up with Katie, so be sure to pop over to see what others were up to
over the weekend. :)

How was your weekend?

Any other Nascar fans out there?

Any important plans for the new week?


  1. The weekend was SUCH a blessing. Every time we go to worship on Sunday with other Christians, it's SUCH a refreshment and equipping for the week! It reminds of what a privilege it is to worship God with brothers and sisters and every day in our home. <3 Also that yoga challenge looks seriously good for someone like me who has very stiff joints.

    1. I agree Emily. Sunday worship is a true blessing. I am pretty stiff and inflexible myself, and certainly hoping to improve that!

  2. I think in terms of your yoga challenge, it's more important that you're getting out there and DOING it rather than doing every single one, you know? Maybe cycle in the more doable ones when a tricky one comes up - just keep going! As for missing fictonal characters - YES. I do that all the time!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Morgan. It's hard sometimes to remember that it is progress not perfection! I'm so glad you understand about my Gilmore Girls dilemma! I really miss those girls!


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