Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hello again and Happy Monday!

It's looking like another beautiful and sunny day here today. Too bad the pollen
is making me miserable. Itchy eyes, nose, and throat is what's happening with
me today. But, who wants to hear about that?! Let's talk about our weekend instead.

- Friday -

Our Friday began ridiculously early. We were up at 4:30 a.m. getting ready to leave
our house at 5:30. We were heading to Miss S's first official college tour. Miss S was
selected among a group of outstanding high school juniors and invited to the invitation
only event called "War Eagle Day" which takes place at Auburn University. Auburn is
about 1 hour and 45 minutes from our house and we were scheduled to be there for a
7:45 Check-In.

I was thoroughly impressed by the organization of this event. There were Auburn students
and signs strategically placed every 20 feet to ensure that everyone was headed in the
right direction.

We attended small "breakout sessions" of our choosing for the first hour on topics such as
- Greek Life
- Scholarships
- Careers
-Getting Involved

After our sessions, we met in the Ballroom for a general assembly. We were provided
with plenty of information about the school, the campus, and the deadlines for things.

It turns out that Miss S will begin the admissions process on September 1.

Y'all. I knew that Miss S would need to apply to college next year, but the September 1
date kind of took me by surprise. That is less than 5 months away. I am SO not ready
for my baby girl to be applying for college, but ready or not, September 1 is coming...

We met up with one of Miss S's besties, who was also touring the campus. We sat with
her and her family at lunch and then walked around the campus a few minutes before we
all headed back home.

It was a long, busy, crowded, information packed day and we were all feeling pretty 
tired and brain dead by this point. After a quick picture and smoothie, we headed home.

- Saturday -

Saturday morning Miss S and I headed out to pick up the birthday cake we ordered for
the birthday party with friends we had planned for Saturday night.

After picking up the cake, a quick Starbucks stop was in order.

The party started at 6:00, and we were ready to go...

After dinner, it was time for cake!

But first, everyone had to sing "Happy Birthday" and Miss S had to wear the B'day sombrero for a quick pic with her cute bf.

- Sunday -

Sunday was our usual day...

Church, then home for lunch. Hubby played golf, and Miss S did some homework.
Once Hubby got home we had dinner and watched Gilmore Girls! We are almost
finished with Season 5. I love that he is watching with me now. So funny that I've 
gotten him hooked.

I'm linking up with Katie again today. Have a great day and I'll see you back here 

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