Thursday, April 28, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Let's call this the Three Things Thursday, "Let Me Vent" edition.

I have been trying to take a new approach with life lately...

It was going well, but man it can be a struggle some days.  I try to be positive and 
encouraging on here each day, but today I just need to vent a little. Today I am going 
to let you in on three things that I am "over" today.

- one -

Personal training clients setting appointments with me, and then cancelling. And then 
setting another appointment and then cancelling it too. This has been the theme of my 
life for the past couple of weeks. I feel like I never know if I am coming or going 

I am supposed to meet with one client tonight, and another one tomorrow morning, 
but who really knows. I'm really feeling "over it" and feeling taken advantage of at the 
moment. I suppose this is the dark side of the personal training business.

- two -

I am really feeling "over" the whole teen scene today too. All they want to do is go,
and then go, and then go some more. They go straight from school, to a study group,
and then to get something to eat. Or they go to lunch and then shopping, and then to
a movie, and then to Starbucks.

Hello? Do they realize that they have a family at home that would really like to see

I suppose this is good training to help me prepare for how much I will miss Miss S
when she goes to college in another year, but that doesn't make it stink any less!

They are on their phones at least 18 hours a day, non-stop, (I'm not kidding! Non-stop is 
not an exaggeration) but how many of those texts come to their parents? Let me tell you,
it isn't nearly as many as I would like it to be. Is it so bad that I actually like my child, and
enjoy talking to her?!

- three -

Clutter. OMG clutter. I am so completely over the clutter. The closets are too full. The
cabinets are too full. The garage is too full. I filled a bag of random things to toss 
out over the weekend, but it honestly feels like the stuff I tossed out not only came
right back, but it also went out and found friends to bring back too. 

So basically I am feeling annoyed, abandoned, taken advantage of and overwhelmed at 
the moment. Those are definitely NOT the feelings I want, or need to envision and 
bring into my life.

Hopefully I will have a productive weekend and come up with some solutions to 
getting things back on track. And I'm pretty sure some stricter guidelines need to be 
put in place for clients that don't see my time as valuable. That is about to change...
just sayin'! ;)

And I'm also thinking that a few more boundaries may be in order for slowing the
teen scene down just a bit. I love that Miss S has lots of friends, and a great social
life, but there needs to be balance. Yes, we will be implementing a more balanced
schedule in the very near future.

And clutter....

Don't get too comfortable because bit by bit, and closet by closet, I am coming for

My life, my happiness, my rules. It's on! Positive changes ahead.

Thanks for reading my vent/therapy session today. I will see you tomorrow with
some Friday Favorites!

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