Thursday, April 21, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Oh my goodness! Is it ONLY Thursday???

This week I actually said on Tuesday evening, "Please tell me tomorrow is Friday!"
Hubby just looked at me and said, "Uh huh."

Oh well, since it is in fact Thursday, let's go ahead and get going with...

- one -

Last week, I went in for my annual mammogram appointment, and yesterday
I received some good news in the mail.

"No evidence of breast cancer" is always a good thing to hear! Always thankful for
good news like that.

- two -

As my reward for doing something not so fun (like a mammogram) I popped
into Target for a little browsing and exploring. One of the reasons that I love Target
is that I always find something that I haven't seen in other stores. This is what I saw...

Boxed water?

Why would I want boxed water? How funny would it be to see someone walking
around the gym drinking boxed water?! I can only imagine! Ahh Target... Thank you
for always having fun and happy items in your store. You never disappoint.

- three -

Speaking of fun and happy places, Hubby got to do something that he has wanted
to do for quite a while.

Thanks to my Life 360 App on my phone, I was able to screenshot the location of his 
happy place. He was playing golf at the prestigious Greystone Golf and Country Club
This course is a members only course and he was invited to play with a work colleague. 
He had a fabulous time and was a truly happy golfer! This was a check off of his golf
bucket list for sure.

Have you ever tried boxed water?

Do you remember to get your annual mammogram?

Where is YOUR happy place?

I'll see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

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