Thursday, April 14, 2016

Three Things Thursday

- one -

I may have been out of the loop, or just have failed to think outside the box, but this
is a new concept for me. Something I should have thought of, and don't know why 
I haven't. Nonetheless, it is a new to me workout idea...

TRX Yoga!

You can watch a demonstration video here, or on YouTube here.

I want to try some of these moves very soon.

- two -

I've been hearing lots of buzz lately about people reading and listening to personal 
development books and podcasts. This book keeps popping up as a must read, and now 
I kind of want to read it.

I am not usually a big reader of personal development type books, but a happier, richer,
more meaningful life sounds like a good thing to me! I may have to make an exception
for this one.

- three -

I want to leave you today with something that made me smile...

It kind of fits my life perfectly.

Haha! I talk to my fur babies all the time, and I promise you, they really do understand
a lot of it. Pets can sometimes be a lot of work, and I do wish they would let me sleep late
from time to time, but I wouldn't take anything for the unconditional love they give to me.

Have you heard of TRX Yoga?

Ever tried it?

Do you talk to your fur babies? (And think they understand?)

Do you read personal development books? If so, are there any that YOU
would recommend?

Happy Thursday to you!

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