Thursday, April 7, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Sadly, I think the glorious, relaxing, and refreshed vacation effect from Spring
Break in Destin has worn off. I woke up this morning feeling tired and a little
stressed. Let's get started and I will explain.

- one -

Tomorrow is going to be a fun and exciting day, but at the same time it will be a 
LONG tiring day. We have to wake up around 4:30 tomorrow morning and be 
ready to leave our house at 5:30. (You know my idea of getting up too early means
getting up at 6:15, so I am sure you can imaging my feelings about getting up at 4:30.)

I will look something like this...

But, our misery is for a good reason. Miss S has her first structured and official college 
visit tomorrow. We have to be parked in the Stadium Parking Deck and over to the 
Student Center to "Check-In" by 7:45, so it seems leaving home at 5:30 in unavoidable.

We are excited about the trip, but I can only imagine how tired we will all be!

- two -

Since we are leaving home at 5:30 in the morning, and will be gone most of the day,
my in-laws are coming to pet-sit. I totally appreciate that they are willing to take a
day out of their lives to come and sit around our house, and let our dogs in and out
as needed, but...

visitors = cleaning spree!

So, today I've got to vacuum, catch up on laundry and dishes, dust, mop, clean
bathrooms. etc.

Yikes! All of it needs to be done, and I will be so glad when I have a clean
house, but where oh where is my energy today?! 

Guess I'll have to dig deep and "get 'er done" and I'll need to work fairly quickly 
because Miss S has an Academic Awards Banquet at school tonight, so I will need plenty 
of time to "get pretty" for the big event. (I will fill you in on that in more detail, and 
have pictures soon. I may not have enough time to get them ready for the blog tomorrow, 
so it may be Monday.)

- three -

I got happy mail yesterday!

I mentioned on Monday that Hubby bought Miss S a Kendra Scott necklace and
earrings for me. The earrings I wanted were Limited Edition (which I didn't realize)
so our Birmingham Kendra Scott store was sold out of them. These were what I was
looking for...

Since our local store did not have them anymore, they called a sister store in 
Charlotte, North Carolina. Luckily their store still had a pair! They happiy
agreed to get them in the mail to me so I would have them as soon as possible.

My happy mail arrived at my front door yesterday!

When I opened the box, I was blown away. I wasn't at all expecting to find a
hand written note inside!

And look at that gorgeous handwriting! My earring were even gift wrapped.

I could not love this little note anymore! What a cool reminder that it is truly the
little things in life that take things from ordinary to extraordinary.

I love my new earrings, but it was the personal little touches that put this
delivery over the top for me.

Great job to the Kendra Scott store in Charlotte, North Carolina! You have customer
satisfaction perfected.

happy mail = happy me!

Well friends, I suppose it's time to tackle my to do list.

Maybe I will wear my new earrings while I clean! ;)

If I don't see you tomorrow, I will see you on Monday for sure!

Happy Thursday!

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