Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stranded With... { The Link Up }

I am so super excited about this fun new link up! Everyone knows blogging with
friends is just way more fun than blogging alone. And linking up with Shay and Erika
is always a fun time.

Their new link up theme is "Stranded With..." and each month we will share three things
that we would take with us if we were stranded on a deserted island.

Each month, there is a new category.

Now choosing only three things has proved to be quite the challenge for me. I am
a natural over-packer, so if left to my own devices, I would want to pack about twenty
things from my medicine cabinet. But, I will play fair and try to settle on three.

 My first pick would be sunscreen of course. Sunburn is nothing to play with,
so sunscreen is an absolute must. Being stranded would be tough enough, so
I certainly wouldn't want to add a painful sunburn to the list.

Ibuprofen would be on my must have list as well. I try to always have Advil in my
purse, so I'm sure even on an island, I would want my ibuprofen. I am not a happy 
camper when I'm in pain, so access to a pain reliever is a necessity for me.

I would want to bring something beauty related like a tinted lip balm with me as my third
item. This one is one of my favorites...

I feel completely unprepared for life with nothing on my lips, so I hate not to pick
something fun. But, the realist in me knows that allergy medicine is what I would
need more. Seasonal allergies are the pits so I never get too far away from Claritin,
Zyrtec, and Singular. I guess allergy medicine would be the more practical choice.

While I would love a little time away on a deserted island from time to time, being
stranded there would not be an ideal time for me. I am a true girly girl. I love my
beauty products, my luxurious amenities, and my technological gadgets. I would need
plenty of notice and the option to pack unlimited items if I were truly going to live
well on a deserted island. And anyone that knows me, also knows that I would not survive
for long without my family and my fur babies.

I would prefer a Sandals resort near by and an unlimited cash flow! Then
I could truly take advantage of life on a deserted island, ha!

What three things would you need from your medicine cabinet?

Would you choose practical things, or fun things?

Well darn! I just realized I didn't pack my toothbrush! Ugh, the struggle....
I suppose I would pack the toothbrush and maybe smuggle the Ibuprofen, lol. I warned
you that packing three things and three things only would be super difficult for me.

Hop over to either Shay's or Erika's blog to see what others are taking with them
from their medicine cabinets.

I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. I still need to try that Burt Bee lip balm - I keep hearing so much about it

    1. Yes Rebecca, I really like it. Even on days when I run errands with no makeup, I need my tinted lip balm at least! :)

  2. Love the sunscreen idea! We can't be burning on the island! I am with ya, I'd prefer a Sandals island too!

    1. I am not fond of being uncomfortable, so Sandals would help out a lot! haha! ;)

  3. LOL! My first thought was my Xanax!!!! But, am I alone? If so I don't need it really. :D So, let's assume I'm NOT alone....Xanax, sunscreen toothbrush/paste (I consider these one item. LOL)

    1. For sure! Tammy, I can just see us running out of toothpaste and trying to make our own!!

  4. I'm totally with you & I'm an over-packer too! I'd need a whole tub of supplies! :)

    1. Yes Gina, a tub full of supplies would help tremendously! :)

  5. I felt the same way...I thought of a few at the end as well! LOL!! I totally forgot sunscreen. I hope someone shares, Ha ha!

    1. Picking three things was so much harder than I thought it would be! So fun to read other's ideas too! :)


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