Monday, April 18, 2016

Marvelous Weekend Recap

Where oh where did our weekend go?

Yep, another weekend has come and gone. How do they disappear so quickly?

This is what we did during our weekend...

- Friday -

Hubby started preparing the spot for our garden.

We don't have super green thumbs, but each year we try to grow at least tomatoes, and 
banana peppers. Growing banana peppers makes me remember the times that I would go 
to my grandmother's house and go out in the garden with her. She would let me eat 
banana peppers straight from the garden. I will always remember them as the best 
banana peppers that I've ever eaten.

We have also tried growing cantaloupe, cucumber, and squash, so I am not sure exactly 
what else we will plant this year. We still have a few weeks to decide.

After the garden prep, Hubby and I were in the mood for some Mexican food. We 
headed to Don Pepe for a quick bite.

I ordered a chicken burrito, and Hubby ordered a beef burrito.

After dinner, Hubby wanted to go to one of his favorite places, the PGA Superstore.

Basically, it's like a Hobby Lobby for men. (Too bad they aren't located next door to 
each other, ha!)

He couldn't help himself. He just had to test out new drivers and a few other clubs at 
the golf simulator.

He wants new clubs so badly, but with a daughter that is only a year away from starting 
college, golf clubs just aren't the best idea right now. Unless Jordan Spieth or Rory McIlroy 
want to give him some of their extras. ;)

- Saturday -

Shelley had an appointment for a check-up at the vet on Saturday. It took several attempts, 
and a few human scratches to get this girl into her carrier. She does NOT like her carrier 
even a little bit!

Once we got her settled, and in the car, she did great. At the vet, she got two shots and some
nasty looking, thick, yellow medicine from a syringe. Poor baby girl was ready to get back in 
the car and head home.

Miss S and I made a quick trip through the drive-thru at Chic-Fil-A to try their new Frosted
Coffee drink. It was very good!

Once we were back home, Miss S started getting ready for a friend's birthday
party. The party was at a restaurant none of us had ever been to called Pappadeaux's.

She was not a huge fan because the service was crazy slow. The party lasted over
two hours due to the slow service. She said the food was okay, but nothing as good 
as what her daddy could cook at home! It's true....Hubby knows how to cook! Wish I
could convince him to do it more often! ;)

Hubby and I decided to head to our favorite local Chinese restaurant for dinner Saturday
night. I ordered the Sweet & Sour soup with an egg roll,

and some tuna, salmon, and avocado sushi. 

So good!

Hubby and I wrapped up our evening with some Gilmore Girls on Netflix. We are
whizzing right through Season 6.

- Sunday -

Sunday after church, we had lunch at Mother-In-Law's house. 

Hubby's sister and our two nephews were also there for lunch this week, so we had a little
mini family reunion. We don't usually see them but about three or four times a year, so it
was nice to catch up a bit.

Hubby and I wrapped up our Sunday with more Gilmore Girls while Miss S was out
with her boyfriend. 

And now, it is Monday again, and time to get in a workout.

I'm linking up with Katie for some Mimm!

How was your weekend?

Do you plant a garden in the spring?

What crops grow best for you?

I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. I totally wish that we grew a garden - we live surrounded by trees so nothing would get enough sun. We do a big pot of basil, though, which makes for some delicious pesto all summer!

    1. Fresh basil sounds yummy Morgan! I have always wanted to try herbs in pots on our deck, but never get around to doing it. You have inspired me!


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