Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Life Lately

Miss S got this amazing candle as a birthday gift from one of her sweet friends.
Just look at the name of it...
available here

She has been burning it every day since she got it, and our house smells amazing!
Not what I would typically expect from a Bath and Body spring scent, but it is

After smelling this one, I'm curious to try others like it. Just look at this scent...
available here

I can only imagine how good this one would smell. And the packaging on these
candles is so pretty too.

This week we are also finding way too much temptation around our house. We have
two cakes in our kitchen and it is really, really a bad idea.

We have birthday cake leftover from Miss S's party Saturday night, and we also
have leftover Pecan Streusel Coffee Cake that I made to take to a Sunday School
party last Sunday.

This cake was really easy to make, made our house smell amazing while it was baking,
and received rave reviews. Miss S even loves it and she is really picky about the sweets
that she eats.

I have got to get some of this cake out of our house! Two cakes at one time is not
going well for me. I'm only human, and humans can only take so much, ha! It's just
too much of a good thing. ;)

Well, those are the high points of our life lately!

I've got a busy day ahead, so I better get moving.

Hope your day is great!

Do you have a favorite spring candle from Bath and Body Works?

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