Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!

It's a rainy, yucky day here today, but I won't let that get me down. It's time to have
some fun and share some Friday Favorites.

- one -

I found these adorable kitchen towels in Walmart this week and could not resist bringing
them home. They are cute, colorful, and happy, and I knew it would be silly to leave them
in the store. I didn't necessarily NEED either one of them, but for $2.00 a piece, a thought
it would be crazy not to grab them both.

I mean, if a kitchen towel has the power to make you smile, then bringing them home is a
no brainer, don't ya think?!

Look how happy my stove and oven area look now. And for only $2.00. Score!

And what a great little reminder too!

- two -

These tortilla chips are not only good, but the bag is just so pretty. I love sunflowers,
and couldn't resist trying these.

Our family goes through tortilla chips pretty quickly, so a healthier version of a
favorite snack food seemed like a smart decision. They are good alone, with dip,
or with salsa. Yum!

- three -

I was on the lookout for new running shoes to wear to work at the gym. Standing
around on the gym floor for several hours a day can be rough on my feet, so max cushioning 
shoes are a must. And the fact that they have pink on them just makes them extra special!

Altra Running Shoes  have a foot shape toe box which allows your toes to relax, and 
spread naturally and remain in a straight position inside the shoe. They also have what they
call "Zero Drop."  This means that your heel and forefoot are positioned at the same
height off the ground which promotes better posture, and strengthens your Achilles,
and lower calf muscles. The cushioning under the forefoot and the arch support are

I love my Hoka One One shoes as well, but my new Altra's are definitely a tie for 
first place for my feet.  I used to be a devout Asics and Saucony wearer, but after 
trying these, I see more Hoka's and Altra's in my future!

- four -

These cute pillows from Target have me wanting to redecorate my house!
I absolutely LOVE this pattern and these colors on this outdoor pillow.

If only they had this pattern for indoors, I would probably be trying to figure out
how to make it work in my family room. I love it.

This cute tassel pillow would be so, so cute in Miss S's hang out/media room. I love
the bright, fun colored tassels.

This adorable pineapple pillow would totally match the colors in my family room
right now, and I have always liked pineapples. (the symbol for Southern hospitality.)
You never know. I just may talk myself into a couple of these. They would be super 
cute sitting on my couch for the summer!

I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend friends!

Do you have a favorite brand of shoe for the gym?

Do you switch out throw pillows with the seasons?

I'll see you Monday!

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