Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and Happy April 1st!

2016 is flying by. We are already on Day 92 out of 366 days.

Let's hurry and jump right in for a few Friday Favorites...

- one -

One of my favorite things this week was definitely starting my day like this.

It was Spring Break week for Miss S and we took our annual trip to Destin, Florida
with my parents. My parents love the sun and sand as much as we do so we make the
perfect match for a trip to Florida. Hubby would rather go to the mountains any day of
the week than to step a foot in the sand, so it works out well for everyone. 

One of my favorite pictures from our trip is this one...

How could we resist climbing into a giant adirondak chair for a picture?

- two -

Another favorite picture was taken after church on Easter Sunday.

I love my little family!

- three -

Our favorite little sweet treats lately are these peanut butter cookies from Fiber One,

and these caramel brownies from Special K.

I'm not pushing these as a healthy snack, I'm just sharing a tasty little treat that we
indulge in around our house when the sweet tooth monster calls.

- four -

After eating lunch yesterday at Cracker Barrel, I saw this and loved it. I sent this picture to 
Hubby,  hoping to make a point with him. Instead he texted back "When Dad is mad, everyone
is sad." He thought his little comeback was hysterical. Ugh. I can't win! ;)

- five -

My baby girl is growing up. Yes, Miss S turned 17 yesterday!

We are going out to any restaurant of her choosing tonight to celebrate. She wanted to
wait and go tonight because her boyfriend has been out of town for Spring Break as
 well. He will be home today, so we are doing our family + boyfriend birthday dinner
tonight. She is super excited about getting dressed up and going out for a fancy dinner!
We will probably do a more casual party with all her friends once everyone is back in
town after Spring Break.

Thanks for reading today. I hope you have a...

Take this advice from Lilly Pulitzer this weekend...

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I'll see you on Monday!

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