Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Thanks for joining me as I recap our weekend.

The teachers in Miss S's school system had a teacher work day on Friday, 
so Miss S was out of school that day.

Thursday evening she went to dinner and to the movies, and then spent 
the night with her bestie whose nickname is Bdot. 

Friday morning, they got up and went to breakfast at...

After breakfast, they headed to World Market for a birthday gift.

Miss S got a really cute ceramic travel coffee cup, and a pair of earrings for 
the birthday gift and of course picked up a little something for herself too, lol.

The party was Friday night at a popular Mexican restaurant in town.

She sent me this picture while all the gang was outside trying to take pictures.

Teenagers take a LOT of pictures! She looks thrilled about it too, haha.

 While she was at the birthday dinner, and Hubby was piddling with his golf clubs, I 
watched Legally Blonde on t.v. for probably the 25th time.

And to be honest, I will gladly watch it 25 more times. Reese Witherspoon
is perfect in this movie. I just love it.

Saturday morning, Hubby went to play golf, and I worked with a personal training
client at the gym. Miss S met me there when I was done and we headed to The Summit 
shopping. The goal was to find an Easter dress, but I think Miss S found everything but. 
I really need to get blinders for her when we are shopping for a specific item!

We ended up in Old Navy, and somehow she spent enough that I scored a free
pair of flip flops, lol. (They were out of small sizes that would fit Miss S! She has
tiny little feet!)

Finally I had enough of the crowds, and the traffic, so we headed toward home.
Birmingham is a horrific place on the weekends. Traffic and people everywhere!

We tried to eat lunch at 

but even at 1:30 in the afternoon people were standing outside (in the rain)
waiting to get in and to a table. 

No thank you! We headed home to eat lunch in the peace and quiet.

Saturday night was a "do your own thing and go to bed early" kind of night.
Hubby watched motocross on t.v in the den, Miss S watched YouTube videos on 
her laptop while laying in her bed, and I watched Gilmore Girls with the fur babies
in the bedroom. It was relaxing and nice having everyone home at the same time.

Sunday was the usual. Church, then lunch at Mother-in-law's house.

When we got home, Hubby golfed again, Miss S went enoing with a friend,
and I napped and watched Gilmore girls. I should have been productive, but
a nap and time with Lorelai and Rory won out.

This is what my Easter decor looks like at the moment...


I will try to get to it today!

Tonight is a big night in reality t.v land.

Tonight is the THREE HOUR finale of The Bachelor!


Will he pick Jo Jo?


Or will he pick Lauren?


And, the biggest question of all....

If he does indeed pick one, and get engaged...

Will they actually get and stay married?

We are on the edge of our seats over here! We even joked about "carbing
up" so we would have the energy to stay up and watch all three hours, haha!

Chris Harrison promises that it will be the most shocking bachelor finale in
history, and if you have ever watched the show, you know he NEVER says
that, heehee. ;)

Well, I better go. My Easter decor is obviously not going to arrange itself.
I've been waiting and hoping, but since it hasn't happened, I guess it is now
up to me.

What are you up to today?

Do you hate shopping in crowds?

Will you be watching The Bachelor finale?

Did you decorate for Easter?

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