Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Way Back Wednesday

Today I'm putting a new twist on "Flashback Friday."

For today's post I want to go way back to reminisce about some favorite things
from years gone by.

As a child, one of my absolute favorite things to play with inside was what I
called "little people."

I played with Barbie dolls as well, but for some reason my "little people" were by far
my favorites. I remember spending hours playing with these.

I also loved playing outside. I loved riding my bike, skateboarding, jump roping, jumping
on the trampoline, and playing any sport that the neighborhood kids would play with me.

(Apparently I was more coordinated as a kid than I am now, lol.)

If I wasn't on my bike, or skateboard, I was on my "green machine."

I had so much fun on this thing! It was a sad, sad day when I outgrew my green
machine and couldn't ride it anymore.

And just for crazy kicks, I will share a picture of my fifth grade class picture.

Aren't you amazed at our amazing fashion sense? We were something back in 1983
weren't we?!

It's weird. Some days these memories seem like just yesterday, and other days it feels like
ages ago. Miss S was never really a big "little people" fan. She was much more into Barbie
dolls, Bratz dolls and Polly Pockets. I remember when Santa brought her the Polly Pocket
cruise ship for Christmas one year. She was so excited about it!

Then in about 5th grade, she discovered YouTube and the computer age began.

I wonder what kids will be playing ten years from now?

Don't get me wrong. I love my computer, iphone, and ipad, but I would
not take anything for those wonderful years of creative play both inside and
outside. I feel truly blessed to have had the childhood that I did.

I hope future generations won't completely turn away from toys and using
their imaginations to play and enjoy being a kid.

What do you remember playing with and loving as a child?

To view other items from yesteryear, check out Enjoy your
walk down memory lane. :)

* None of the toy images are my own. They were all found on Pinterest. *

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