Thursday, March 10, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Hello and welcome to...

- one -

This really made me laugh this morning!

Oh my goodness, I hope Drake never has this idea!

- two -

Ugh. This makes me cringe.  

Losing an hour of sleep is not my version of a good idea.

- three -

If you will indulge me for just a moment I want to take the opportunity to document
the madness that is Junior/Senior Prom.

- most dress prices BEGIN at $400

- alterations cost us $130

- shoes were around $40

- tickets to prom were $80

- pictures taken before prom will be $40 per couple

- dinner will be $50 per couple

Thankfully Miss S is going to do her own hair and makeup, which most of
the girl are paying to have theirs done ($100 and up)

Miss S is getting a special deal with a friend for one spray tan - $15.

- her date got his tux yesterday - $200 (price using a discount coupon)

And all of this will have to be done again next year for her Senior Prom!

Maybe I'm out of the loop, or living in my own little bubble, but $850 -$1000
for a prom, is a lot of money in my opinion! (especially when 80% of the kids
are not going with their "special somone.")

Sorry about the prom rant, I just had to let it out. It all seems crazy to me. I
try to hold my thoughts in around Miss S. I want her to go and have a good
time. Probably if I was smart, I would start a Senior Prom savings fund right now.

Thanks for stopping by to share the laughs, the ughs, and the rants with me.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Yes, you really should. You think Jr prom is expensive? Just wait. When it's your Sr Prom it is a whole new ballgame! Start saving those pennies, nickles, dimes any change you get when you use paper money. It does add up - yes, even the pennies. :D So glad she is going!!!!

  2. Ughhhh. You just confirmed what I was afraid of! I figured that would be the case though. Maybe I will pull out a large jar and start the fund today.....Sigh.


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