Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Proposal and Making Progress

We powered through the three hour season finale of Season 20 of The Bachelor
last night, and this is what happened...


Sadly, Ben sent Jo Jo home and proposed to Lauren instead. 


I'm pretty sure that our expressions looked exactly like Jo Jo's did. It was brutal.


Thankfully we weren't sad for long because they chose our favorite girl to be 
the next Bachelorette!


The Bachelorette will air May 23rd and I'm super excited to have a whole season
for Jo Jo. And of course we are also looking forward to Bachelor is Paradise that
will air during the summer.

And now, moving on to actual reality...

I didn't get 100% finished with my Easter decorating yesterday, but at least 
I did get in a good workout.

My workout plan for the week is...

Monday   -    Chest and Arms

Tuesday  -   Cardio and Yoga

Wednesday  -   Back and Legs

Thursday  -  Cardio and Yoga

Friday  -  Shoulders and Abs

Yesterday, I did this workout...

I plan to finish up my Easter decorating today!

Happy Tuesday!

Did you watch The Bachelor this season?

Will you be watching The Bachelorette?

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