Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sunshine and Easter Decor

What a strange feeling!

My brain is just quiet today. Maybe it's still sleeping?

I'm thinking maybe a little holiday creativity may help to revive it, so it may just
be Easter decorating day. The weather has been so absolutely gorgeous lately.
The birds are chirping, the temperatures are in the 70's , and the sun is shining.

It just feels like Spring is in the air. And it feels like Easter!

Looking back at last year...

This was what my Easter mantel looked like in March of 2015.

I think surely I can top that!

So today, I will bring out my Easter goodies and let the decorating begin.

I also need to study, and get in a workout, so I do hope my brain wakes up
and joins the fun pretty soon.

What are you up to today?

Have you decorated for Easter?

If you haven't, are you planning to?

Happy Tuesday to you!

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