Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Me "To A T" { Tuesday }

Happy Tuesday and happy March 1st!

I wanted to do a fun and light-hearted post today, so let's take a look at some things
that I think describe me, or suit me "to a T."

Have you ever heard something, or seen something on Pinterest and thought to
yourself, "That is so me!" Well these funnies are pretty much my thoughts exactly...

I hope you will nod along with me, or at least get a little laugh or two.

And this one applies to both pets and toddlers! Gosh I will never forget that phase when
Miss S's main objective for the day was to see how many times she could completely
empty EVERYTHING out of her toy box. That was her favorite past time for the longest!

Oh you know you do this one too! Some people are completely oblivious!

Right?! Give me the M & M's!

And this happens on a regular basis...

Leaving the house is totally overrated.

And this may have happened a time or two...  ;)

And one more, just because, Gilmore Girls!

What about you? Any of these sound familiar?

Have a great day!


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