Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Legs Up The Wall...Have YOU Tried It?


How's your week going?

This is what I was up to yesterday...

Tuesday's workout:

Cardio  +  Yoga video

After being on my feet for several hours at work Tuesday, I knew cardio would need 
to be done on my recumbent bike. I was feeling tired, and time on the treadmill or
elliptical was not what my body wanted.

I rode my recumbent bike for 30 minutes and then did this relaxing and restorative

I typically prefer Yoga With Adriene videos but was craving something soothing 
and restful. There is so much information out there that relaxing with your legs up 
the wall is so very good for your body.

Benefits such as:

-  alleviating headaches

- boosting energy

- relieving lower back pain

- relief for tired leg muscles

- reduction of edema in the legs and feet

- calms the nervous system

- quiets the mind

"Leg Up The Wall" pose was exactly what I needed!

Note: Not recommended if you have glaucoma, or hypertension. Please 
ask your doctor before trying a new exercise or yoga pose at home.

And today...

I plan to do this workout in the gym after work. Fingers crossed the gym won't
be crazy loud and crowded when I get off. My instinct is to get outta there when
that's the case.

How are your workouts going this week?

Have you tried "Legs Up The Wall" (Viparita Karani)  poses?

I'll see you tomorrow for Three Things Thursday!

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