Monday, March 21, 2016

Inductions and PROM Weekend Recap

Hello and welcome to a new week! I hope you are starting the week off with more 
energy than I am. I am still tired from our BIG Prom weekend!

My plan is to fake it, till I make it, and hopefully my energy will join me 
somewhere along the way.

I mentioned in last Thursday's post that Miss S was going to be inducted into the 
Spanish Honor Society at her school on Friday morning.

The induction ceremony was held in the school auditorium and was a joint induction
with the French Honor Society.

12 students were inducted into the French Honor Society, and 40 were inducted into
the Spanish Honor Society.

The inductee candidates were juniors and seniors in Spanish 2 or higher who have 
maintained an A average every single 9 weeks since beginning the class.

The principal opened the ceremony, and then both the French teacher, and the Spanish
teacher took turns welcoming parents and visitors.

80% of the ceremony was spoken in French or Spanish, so I missed a lot of
what was said. I think I actually understood more of the French language than
the Spanish!

Miss S and I after the ceremony...

Friday was an exciting and happy day. We are so very proud of our smart cookie!

(and the fact that my baby is a Junior and events at her high school are quickly passing 
by wasn't far from my mind...)

Friday night, Miss S went to dinner with her friend SC, and to see the movie Zootopia.

Hubby and I stayed in and took advantage of Domino's online pizza special. All pizzas
were 50% off! So not only was dinner delivered to our door, it was also ON SALE!!


The Saturday morning of Prom, THIS is what it looked like. The pollen was thick,
heavy, and everywhere. This was at the curb by our mailbox.


The boutonnière was picked up at 11:30 Saturday morning, and then soon after the
hair and makeup preparations began.

We arrived at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens at 3:10 to start pictures.
We were supposed to be there at 3:00, but we had a little trouble getting to the
right spot. Our GPS had us turn one street too early and we kept ending up at
the Birmingham Zoo.

I think I've mentioned before that I hate driving in Birmingham, so now we can
add that I hate driving in Mt. Brook to the list!

Anyway....we finally got to the right place and it was totally worth it. The pictures 
turned out beautifully. There are SO many, but I will try to narrow it to a few 
of my favorites.

Miss S and her sweet date...

The girls in her prom group...

The entire prom group...

Yesterday, I was exhausted! I think the combination of the crowds, commotion, excitement, 
nerves, and pollen was just too much.

It was a wonderful memory filled weekend, but I am glad we have a full year before we
have to do it again!

How was your weekend?

Is the pollen OUT OF CONTROL where you live?

Do you stress when driving in traffic in an unfamiliar place?

I'm linking up today with Katie for MiMM.

See you tomorrow!


  1. the pollen hasn't hit yet here, (we were actually forecasted for a few inches of snow last night which thankfully never came.) but I know it's on the way! Your daughter looks GORGEOUS!

    1. Oh thank you so much! Maybe with the snow coming your way, you will catch a break with the pollen!

  2. Miss S looks stunning!!! You better start saving now for next year haha.


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