Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Sweet 17th!

Today we celebrate Miss S! Yes, my precious baby girl, light of my world, turns 
17 years old today.

As I think about celebrating her today, I can't help but think back to this time last 
year when we were trying to get her drivers license. It was a day I will never, ever 
forget. The story is kind of hard to believe, but this is what happened one year ago...

We knew that the License Office opened at 8:00, and had been warned that the spots 
filled up quickly, and that they would actually turn people away after a certain point.

In order to keep from being turned away, we left home at 6:30.a.m.

No, seriously.

We woke up at 5:30 in the morning, got ready, and left our house at 6:30 on the dot.
We arrived at the License Office at 6:50 a.m. and got in line.

Yes, a line!

Miss S was FOURTH in line at 6:50 a.m. The doors open at 8:00 a.m. We were seriously 
in a line, with other people, at 6:50 a.m.

Like what?

Have you ever?

By the time the doors opened at 8:00, there were approximately 20 other people in line 
behind us. We got in and made our way to the sign up sheet.

There were THREE spots available for road tests today.


Thank that good Lord that one person in line in front of us was there to take a permit 
test (which is written and no road test) so Miss S was able to sign up for the third and final 
spot for road tests.

The other 10 or so people there for road tests just turned and walked away.

Whew! That was SOOO close! We were almost turned away!
And the rest of the day gets nuttier!

Timeline of our day:

6:50.... got in line to wait for doors to open

8:00.... signed in, sat down to wait

9:00.... waiting

10:00.... waiting

11:00.... still waiting, hungry, anxious.... we have been sitting and waiting for 3 hours

11:20.... person #1 on road test list called into office for paperwork (not to test, just paperwork)

11:55.... person #2 called for paperwork

12: 35.... Miss S called for paperwork, finally! Then we waited some more...

1:05 ....   first road test begins   -  person #1 on list passed!

1:25 ....  second road test begins - person #2 on list passed!

1:50 ....  Miss S begins her road test  -  She passed!!

2:00 ....  back inside for final paperwork

2:15 ....  finally, we are in our car and headed home with driver's license in hand!

Are you doing the math here?

Are you counting the HOURS that we spent at the Driver's License Office? 
We were actually there long enough to form friendships with
the other testers and their families, ha!

7 hours sitting and waiting...

7 stress-filled hours...

Miss S was now a licensed driver!

And to this day, every time I think about her going through the waiting and the stress,
I'm so proud of her! She stayed strong and passed with flying colors.

It was a long, long, long, stressful day. Definitely one that started too early, 
but overall it was a happy, happy day for Miss S and for our family.

I am glad we were able to do this together, and I'm glad she won't have to worry about it 
anymore. What a crazy day, but one I will never forget.

And now a year has passed and today my girl is 17 years old.

I am so proud of my sweet, smart, funny, sassy, sarcastic, loving, social, fashionista 
daughter. She is the sunshine of my life and the greatest thing I have ever done.

Happy 17th Birthday Miss S... 
and many more!

I am so blessed and thankful God chose ME to be your mom!

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