Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Brief Scary Moment

Last night, just as we were finishing dinner, our phones started screeching with the
weather alert warnings.

Miss S's friends started calling her and telling her that a tornado could be heading
in our direction.

This picture was posted on twitter that was taken near our area.

We grabbed flashlights, blankets and fur babies and headed for the basement.

We took cover in the closet under our stairs and the fur babies thought it was one big 
party. Shelley was even purring. Rusty was in my lap, Drake was standing guard,
and Shelley was surveying the scene and purring.

Luckily the tornado warning was lifted pretty quickly and we went back to our
regularly scheduled evening routine.

I love that even during a potentially dangerous situation, that the pets were happy
and content just being near us. They know that we will care for them and keep
them safe. And every day they reward us with unconditional, non-judgemental, eternal 
love. I will never understand how some people can say they don't like animals.

Was the weather stormy in your area?

What do your pets do when it storms?

See you tomorrow for Three Things Thursday!


  1. Glad to hear everyone is okay! One of our dogs is scared of storms. He gets very nervous and shakes. We comfort him, but one time we were not home during the storm. He clawed the carpet down to the cement. Thankfully, it was in a closet. For once, I was happy about my son leaving his closet door open.

    1. Thank you Misty! Oh my goodness! Your fur baby DOES NOT like storms at all! Sorry to hear about your carpet, but also so sad to hear that the doggie was that worried and anxious. I've heard people really rave about the "thunder vest," I think it's called.
      Have you tried anything like that with him?


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