Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Sweet 17th!

Today we celebrate Miss S! Yes, my precious baby girl, light of my world, turns 
17 years old today.

As I think about celebrating her today, I can't help but think back to this time last 
year when we were trying to get her drivers license. It was a day I will never, ever 
forget. The story is kind of hard to believe, but this is what happened one year ago...

We knew that the License Office opened at 8:00, and had been warned that the spots 
filled up quickly, and that they would actually turn people away after a certain point.

In order to keep from being turned away, we left home at 6:30.a.m.

No, seriously.

We woke up at 5:30 in the morning, got ready, and left our house at 6:30 on the dot.
We arrived at the License Office at 6:50 a.m. and got in line.

Yes, a line!

Miss S was FOURTH in line at 6:50 a.m. The doors open at 8:00 a.m. We were seriously 
in a line, with other people, at 6:50 a.m.

Like what?

Have you ever?

By the time the doors opened at 8:00, there were approximately 20 other people in line 
behind us. We got in and made our way to the sign up sheet.

There were THREE spots available for road tests today.


Thank that good Lord that one person in line in front of us was there to take a permit 
test (which is written and no road test) so Miss S was able to sign up for the third and final 
spot for road tests.

The other 10 or so people there for road tests just turned and walked away.

Whew! That was SOOO close! We were almost turned away!
And the rest of the day gets nuttier!

Timeline of our day:

6:50.... got in line to wait for doors to open

8:00.... signed in, sat down to wait

9:00.... waiting

10:00.... waiting

11:00.... still waiting, hungry, anxious.... we have been sitting and waiting for 3 hours

11:20.... person #1 on road test list called into office for paperwork (not to test, just paperwork)

11:55.... person #2 called for paperwork

12: 35.... Miss S called for paperwork, finally! Then we waited some more...

1:05 ....   first road test begins   -  person #1 on list passed!

1:25 ....  second road test begins - person #2 on list passed!

1:50 ....  Miss S begins her road test  -  She passed!!

2:00 ....  back inside for final paperwork

2:15 ....  finally, we are in our car and headed home with driver's license in hand!

Are you doing the math here?

Are you counting the HOURS that we spent at the Driver's License Office? 
We were actually there long enough to form friendships with
the other testers and their families, ha!

7 hours sitting and waiting...

7 stress-filled hours...

Miss S was now a licensed driver!

And to this day, every time I think about her going through the waiting and the stress,
I'm so proud of her! She stayed strong and passed with flying colors.

It was a long, long, long, stressful day. Definitely one that started too early, 
but overall it was a happy, happy day for Miss S and for our family.

I am glad we were able to do this together, and I'm glad she won't have to worry about it 
anymore. What a crazy day, but one I will never forget.

And now a year has passed and today my girl is 17 years old.

I am so proud of my sweet, smart, funny, sassy, sarcastic, loving, social, fashionista 
daughter. She is the sunshine of my life and the greatest thing I have ever done.

Happy 17th Birthday Miss S... 
and many more!

I am so blessed and thankful God chose ME to be your mom!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Suntans and Ninja Shopping

Hello again! 

For some reason, coffee just tastes sweeter with this view in the background.

Tuesday morning started off cloudy and quite windy, but finally around 10:45 the sun
started peaking out behind the clouds. We headed down to the beach and claimed our
spots in the sand. 

Click here to see the view from my beach chair...

The weather was warm and sunny by 11:00, and by 12:30 the beach was getting much
more crowded.  Once the crowds and noise level increased I was ready to seek solitude
on the balcony of our condo. It's not quite the same as having your toes in the sand, but
it's still hard to beat the view.

We headed out for dinner a bit earlier on last night so we wouldn't have to endure
the hour long wait for a table. We wanted to try a new to us restaurant called
Pompano Joe's.

The food was good, but the ocean view was gorgeous! It was like dining right on
the beach. So fun!

After dinner Miss S hit the Sterling Sands Outlet mall with a bang. My girl is a
shopping ninja! She can pick our the cutest clothes and spend all your money before
you even know what happened!

Well that about sums up Day 2 of our Spring Break getaway.

Check back tomorrow for a super special post. Normally I do "Three Things
Thursday," but since tomorrow is Miss S's 17th birthday, I will be doing
something a little different. You won't want to miss it! :)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break ~ Day 1

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

We arrived safely in Florida yesterday in time for lunch at one of our favorite 
restaurants, the Back Porch.

Miss S and I couldn't resist climbing up into the giant adirondak chair for a quick picture.

After lunch we shopped for a couple of hours at Destin Commons while we waited
until time to check in to our condo.

Once we got checked in, Miss S and I quickly changed into swimsuits and headed 
out to catch a few rays by the pool. 

I love spending time by the pool, but nothing could compare to this gorgeous view
from our balcony. You can see it too by clicking here.

After some pool time and a little relaxation on our condo balcony, it was time to
head out to dinner.

We decided to try a place that we had never been before. We headed to a fun and
festive looking restaurant called Boshamps Seafood and Oyster Bar. 

The wait was long, but the food was good.

It was a fun and happy first day of Spring Break!

Thanks for sharing Day 1 of our vacation with me, and I'll see you tomorrow! :)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter Weekend { Recap }

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe we are in the last week of March? It's crazy 
to think that three months have passed already. The expression, "The days are long, 
but the years are short" is so very accurate.

Let's jump right in and recap the weekend!

- Friday and Saturday -

Friday and Saturday were pretty low key days. Hubby played golf on Saturday
morning, and I watched more Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I mentioned last week
that Season 4 was off to a slow start in my opinion, but it has picked up again,
and has me as hooked as I've ever been. #teamlorelaiandrory4ever

My BIG news from the weekend is...

I finished all of my personal training CEU's!!!

I am so excited to have those 20 CEU's behind me. Now I can do things that I want
to do during my free time instead of studying and taking tests!

I plan to get my Scrapbook room clean and organized soon, so that I can get back to being
creative. I have a whole junior year of high school for Miss S to get caught up on!

Hubby fired up the grill Saturday night and grilled chicken and shrimp for dinner.
Everything he grills is always amazing! #hesgotskills 

- Sunday -

Sunday morning we woke up to find that the Easter Bunny came to visit!

Our Easter Bunny brought lots of sweet temptation into the house. Oh Easter Bunny,
what will we do with you? ;)

Sunday morning was an awesome service at our church. Our pastor is retiring in
July, so this was his last Easter service with us. Everyone got a little bit emotional 
when he was talking about it.

After the service, it was time for a few quick pics.

My girl...

Me and Miss S!

Our little family...

Me with my loves!

We spent the rest of our Easter relaxing at home together and packing.

Yes, right now as you are reading this, we are BEACH BOUND for
Spring Break! #SB2K16

As long as the wifi in our condo cooperates, I will be blogging from Florida
for the next few days!

I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful, and that you have a great week.

I'm linking up with Katie for MiMM!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and welcome to Friday Favorites!

This week I have lots of random goodies on my favorites list.

- one -

There were so many good photos taken before my daughter's Junior Prom
on Saturday, but I think this one may just be my favorite.

If I had to pick a close second, it would be the photo of just the girls in her prom
group. I love the special touch of the P R O M spelled out and the year 2016 in
the picture. And, her sweet friends all look so beautiful.

Oh but then there is this one... I really love this one too!

It's just too hard to chose only one photo when they all turned out so well.
Let's just say these three are my favorites and not force me to chose only one. 

- two -

Also on my favorites list this week are a few random grocery items.

I am absolutely loving the convenience of these prepackages boiled eggs.

Not only are they delicious, they make snacking on a healthy protein source
super quick and easy. These have been my go to snack for a couple of weeks

We are also loving these boneless chicken bites.

I love that I can get the taste of buffalo chicken wings without the bone, and
without leaving my house. The lines and the noise at a wing restaurant are always
awful, so I am thrilled that we can enjoy these in the peace and quiet of out own home.

These Citrical calcium gummies are another favorite this week.

The flavor is perfect for my sweet tooth and the texture of the gummies is soft
and easy to chew. Miss S and I actually look forward to taking these each day.

- three -

I saw this adorable pajama set at Target this week and stopped in my tracks.

No truer words have ever been spoken about me, haha.

- four -

I mentioned in yesterday's post that Miss S had a school project for her Spanish
class. Her group had to pick an authentic recipe from a teacher approved website
and create a cooking video of themselves making the recipe.

I may be biased, but I think they did and EXCELLENT job! I can't watch without

You can view their video here.

- five -

Another favorite for the week is the fact that we will be celebrating Easter on Sunday.

Celebrating a risen Savior is definitely something to be excited about!

Happy Easter Weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Oh my goodness! Is it Thursday already? This week is flying by for me.

Thanks for dropping by today for...

- one -

I think my brain is still sleeping this morning. These sweet girls were at our house
until 11:00 last night working on a project for their Spanish class.

The assignment was to find an authentic recipe (from one of the three approved
sites given to them by their teacher) and to write the recipe in Spanish, and then
film a cooking video of themselves preparing the dish. Each person in the group
had to speak a certain number of times, etc. 

They got started on the project at 5:30, and finished about 10:45 last night. They
discovered that creating and filming a cooking show is a lot harder than it looked.
Especially when it is 100% in another language.

I hope to snag a copy of their completed project to share here with you. Even 
though I don't understand Spanish, I still enjoyed watched their personalities
shine through in the video.

- two -

I am excited that I will be seeing a sign just like this one in four more days!

LOTS to do before I go, but still very much looking forward to it!

Prepare to be bombarded with beautiful beach scenery next week.
(You know it's going to happen!)

- three -

I wanted to share my favorite part of my Easter decor. This is in the entryway corner 
by the front door. Every time I walk in or out of the house, this little corner makes
me smile.

Well guys, I suppose I better get busy. Lots to do today...

Easter is only 3 days away, our beach vacation is 4 days away,
and Miss S's 17th birthday is 7 days away!

Lots to prepare and plan for.

Wishing you a very happy Thursday and I'll see you tomorrow for
some Friday Favorites!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Way Back Wednesday

Today I'm putting a new twist on "Flashback Friday."

For today's post I want to go way back to reminisce about some favorite things
from years gone by.

As a child, one of my absolute favorite things to play with inside was what I
called "little people."

I played with Barbie dolls as well, but for some reason my "little people" were by far
my favorites. I remember spending hours playing with these.

I also loved playing outside. I loved riding my bike, skateboarding, jump roping, jumping
on the trampoline, and playing any sport that the neighborhood kids would play with me.

(Apparently I was more coordinated as a kid than I am now, lol.)

If I wasn't on my bike, or skateboard, I was on my "green machine."

I had so much fun on this thing! It was a sad, sad day when I outgrew my green
machine and couldn't ride it anymore.

And just for crazy kicks, I will share a picture of my fifth grade class picture.

Aren't you amazed at our amazing fashion sense? We were something back in 1983
weren't we?!

It's weird. Some days these memories seem like just yesterday, and other days it feels like
ages ago. Miss S was never really a big "little people" fan. She was much more into Barbie
dolls, Bratz dolls and Polly Pockets. I remember when Santa brought her the Polly Pocket
cruise ship for Christmas one year. She was so excited about it!

Then in about 5th grade, she discovered YouTube and the computer age began.

I wonder what kids will be playing ten years from now?

Don't get me wrong. I love my computer, iphone, and ipad, but I would
not take anything for those wonderful years of creative play both inside and
outside. I feel truly blessed to have had the childhood that I did.

I hope future generations won't completely turn away from toys and using
their imaginations to play and enjoy being a kid.

What do you remember playing with and loving as a child?

To view other items from yesteryear, check out Enjoy your
walk down memory lane. :)

* None of the toy images are my own. They were all found on Pinterest. *

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life This Week

1.  What my workout plan looks like this week:

Sun   -     cardio

Mon  -     rest

Tues  -     cardio  +  yoga

Wed  -    TRX full body strength

Thur  -    cardio  +  yoga

Fri    -     rest

Sat  -     full body strength

2.  What we're eating for dinner this week:

3.  What I'm wanting to try this week:

... this fragrance from Bath and Body Works!


And it is even available in candle form!

The packaging is absolutely beautiful, so fingers crossed that the fragrance 
is equally as wonderful.

And pretty much, if a product tells me I'm beautiful every time I look at it, then
count me in! I will take a compliment any time and anywhere! ;)

4.  My main goals for this week:

- find an Easter dress

-  study for PT CEU's  (the book I'm studying is difficult!)

-  clean the house

5.  Other thoughts for the week:

-  I'm about four episodes in to Season 4 of Gilmore Girls. Rory has just
started college, and so far I'm not enjoying this season as much as I have
the other seasons. I am hoping it picks up soon because I love the characters
and am not ready to give up on them!

- I am super excited for Spring Break next week! I need to start packing pretty
soon because Destin, Florida, I'm coming for ya!

- Miss S turns 17 next week! What are we going to get her for her birthday???

Well, that's life this week at our house.

What are you up to this week?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Inductions and PROM Weekend Recap

Hello and welcome to a new week! I hope you are starting the week off with more 
energy than I am. I am still tired from our BIG Prom weekend!

My plan is to fake it, till I make it, and hopefully my energy will join me 
somewhere along the way.

I mentioned in last Thursday's post that Miss S was going to be inducted into the 
Spanish Honor Society at her school on Friday morning.

The induction ceremony was held in the school auditorium and was a joint induction
with the French Honor Society.

12 students were inducted into the French Honor Society, and 40 were inducted into
the Spanish Honor Society.

The inductee candidates were juniors and seniors in Spanish 2 or higher who have 
maintained an A average every single 9 weeks since beginning the class.

The principal opened the ceremony, and then both the French teacher, and the Spanish
teacher took turns welcoming parents and visitors.

80% of the ceremony was spoken in French or Spanish, so I missed a lot of
what was said. I think I actually understood more of the French language than
the Spanish!

Miss S and I after the ceremony...

Friday was an exciting and happy day. We are so very proud of our smart cookie!

(and the fact that my baby is a Junior and events at her high school are quickly passing 
by wasn't far from my mind...)

Friday night, Miss S went to dinner with her friend SC, and to see the movie Zootopia.

Hubby and I stayed in and took advantage of Domino's online pizza special. All pizzas
were 50% off! So not only was dinner delivered to our door, it was also ON SALE!!


The Saturday morning of Prom, THIS is what it looked like. The pollen was thick,
heavy, and everywhere. This was at the curb by our mailbox.


The boutonnière was picked up at 11:30 Saturday morning, and then soon after the
hair and makeup preparations began.

We arrived at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens at 3:10 to start pictures.
We were supposed to be there at 3:00, but we had a little trouble getting to the
right spot. Our GPS had us turn one street too early and we kept ending up at
the Birmingham Zoo.

I think I've mentioned before that I hate driving in Birmingham, so now we can
add that I hate driving in Mt. Brook to the list!

Anyway....we finally got to the right place and it was totally worth it. The pictures 
turned out beautifully. There are SO many, but I will try to narrow it to a few 
of my favorites.

Miss S and her sweet date...

The girls in her prom group...

The entire prom group...

Yesterday, I was exhausted! I think the combination of the crowds, commotion, excitement, 
nerves, and pollen was just too much.

It was a wonderful memory filled weekend, but I am glad we have a full year before we
have to do it again!

How was your weekend?

Is the pollen OUT OF CONTROL where you live?

Do you stress when driving in traffic in an unfamiliar place?

I'm linking up today with Katie for MiMM.

See you tomorrow!

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