Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine Decor and Backyard Shenanigans

Happy Monday and Happy February 1st!

Can you believe it's already a new month? Where did January go?

At least I finally decided to tackle decorating for Valentine's Day. I'm about 95%
finished, so I will share a little sneak peek with you today.

For some reason, I always start my holiday decor with my mantel. This is what
I came up with this year.

I love the red and turquoise combination. It just seems fun and happy. The only two
new things that I added to my Valentine decor for the mantel are the two red bottles.
I picked them up on at Target on Thursday for $3 a piece! I had pinned a DIY about
painting bottles yourself, but when I spotted these already done for me, it was a 
no brainer!

I'm still working on my dining room tablescape (actually Hubby's hunting gear is piled
high on our dining table at the moment) so I will share what I've done on our kitchen 
table instead.

Even Miss S commented on the little hearts dangling on the branches in my pitcher,
so that made me feel pretty accomplished. I'm not sure if Hubby has noticed that I 
decorated or not, lol.

I will try to have everything ready to share with you in a couple of days!

On Saturday, Miss S and I had lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then headed to Bella's
to get her prom dress altered. I have never been so shocked in my life! First of
all, we couldn't find a parking place anywhere. When we finally got parked and
made our way into the store, I couldn't believe my eyes. There were at least 
150 girls and moms in the store. I was crowded, it was loud, and it was hard to walk.
The lady that owns Bella's said that there was a waiting list, to get on the waiting list,
to get into a dressing room. IT WAS A CROWDED MESS! It made me happy that
we bought Miss S's dress early. There would have been no way that she could have
shopped in all that mess on Saturday.

Thankfully the owner walked us over to the Bridal side of the store and we did Miss S's
fitting there. It was a completely different world in the bridal shop. It was calm and quiet,
and we were so thankful to be away from the chaos. Bless the poor girls that were 
working on the prom and pageant side of the store on Saturday.

The weather this weekend was incredible. It was so warm and springlike that I
had to rummage through the cabinet to bring out the Claritin. Warmer temps =
sneezing fits for me, lol.

Sunday afternoon, the "boys" wanted to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

They enjoyed themselves so much.

Drake found a lost doggie bone in the yard and was acting like a complete nut
with it! I had to video it. He was just too funny not to.

You can watch it here.

If you have the sound on while you watch, you can hear how windy it was
Sunday afternoon!

How was your weather this weekend?

Did you spend extra time outside?

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