Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine Birthday Weekend Recap

What a great weekend! If it didn't mean turning a year older, I would be up for 
celebrating Valentine's Day and my birthday two or three times every year!

Okay, so maybe birthdays can't be celebrated but once a year, but we really
should think about adding another day to the calendar where we celebrate
and remember the people we love. The world needs more love, so I would
absolutely recommend adding an additional Valentine's Day to the calendar.

Here is what we did this weekend...

 - Friday -

No birthday weekend would be complete without chocolate chip pancakes with

I promise they tasted better than they look in the picture!

After breakfast, I trained a client at the gym, and then ran a few last minute
Valentine errands. I came home to find an exciting package on my front porch.

I couldn't get inside to open the box fast enough. I was so happy, excited, and surprised! 
This was the first time I had ever gotten flowers delivered in a box. I felt like I was 
living in a Hallmark movie!

Look what was inside the box! Beautiful roses from my wonderful parents!

The roses even came with their own vase.

My parents are the most amazing parents in the world. They are always so sweet
and thoughtful. I may have shed a few tears of joy over their sweet surprise.

- Saturday -

I had to make a quick grocery store run on Saturday morning, and when I got home
I had another surprise waiting on me!

My sweet Hubby had brought in red roses and a card to surprise me when I got 
back home.

Saturday evening, we went to the BJCC for the Amsoil Motocross races.

Hubby loves to watch the races on T.V, and we used to go to races regularly when 
Miss S was smaller. It had been about six years since we had all gone to see a 
race, so we decided to go.

Pictures just don't capture some things well, so I made a quick video of one of the races. 
You can view it here.

Miss S brought a friend along with her, so Hubby and I got to go on a double date with 
our daughter. It was a fantastic night and I am so happy that we all decided to go.

- Sunday -

After lots of hugs and birthday wishes from my sweet friends at church on Sunday
morning, we had my birthday lunch together as a family.

After lunch, it was time for more presents! 

I LOVE presents!!!!

We may have gotten some confused looks from people in the parking lot, but
it was totally worth it!

I will share more about my birthday goodies in tomorrow's post, so if you are
curious about what's in the packages, check back tomorrow!

Me and my Valentine.

I love this handsome man and I'm so thankful that he has been my Valentine for 26 
years now!

He cooked dinner for me Sunday evening. (Excuse the paper plates. After a busy 
weekend, no one wanted to be bothered by dirty dishes!)

He grilled scallops and salmon, steamed cabbage and asparagus, and made cucumber/tomato
salad with Italian dressing.

Miss S skipped dinner with us and went to a movie with her own Valentine.

She posted a cute pic of the two of us from lunch on her Instagram Sunday night...

I love my girl!

It was an awesome weekend from start to finish. My family made sure that I felt
loved and spoiled and my heart is still full today.

I'm linking up with Katie for more Valentine fun.

Have a great Monday, and Happy President's Day!

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