Thursday, February 25, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Hello again and Happy Thursday!

It's time once again for...

- one -

I don't have anything too new or exciting to share today, but I CAN tell you 
what I don't want to talk about today.



I need to do it. I have to do it.

Apparently it's not going away.

Flexibility for Performance is the shortest book, so I plan to get to work on
it today.

There really should be an age limit on having to study and take tests...just sayin'.

- two -

My fall and winter candles from Bath & Body just aren't making me happy
like they used to. I am craving some new Spring / Summer scents.

I want to visit a store and see what these scents smell like...

And I actually want this one just because it is packaged so beautifully.

Isn't it so pretty?

I will hold off until the candles are on sale again though. Plus, I don't need to be
sniffing candles. I need to be studying!

The struggle is real my friends, very real.

- three -

Yesterday I was catching up on some episodes of Arrow, and Felicity was wearing
these earrings.

I actually paused the T.V and snapped a picture because I LOVE them.

I am thinking they are what are currently being called "ear jackets," but I'm
not 100% positive. I just know that I really, really want to find and own
some just like them. They are really unique and fun.

Any ideas where I might find a pair like them? Please share if you have any info
on these earrings! Google wasn't much help at all. :(

Well, I guess I can procrastinate no more. It's now time to hit the books.

I hope your day is great and I'll see you tomorrow! 

1 comment :

  1. Go to Google image with the picture. You may be able to find them that way.


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