Thursday, February 18, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Oh my goodness I am feeling tired this morning, but blogging life must go on. 
It's Three Things Thursday, so I need to wake up and get to it!

The negative part of my brain acts up when I'm tired. The part that I try to keep 
quiet is taunting me today. I'm going to use Chandler Bing's coping mechanism
and resort to humor in order to tame it and get it back into check!

Why am I so tired today?

Ha! If only that were true!! ;)

And the state of my house right now is also wearing on me...

Yes! It worked. A little laughter can cure almost anything!

Let's get started with...

- one -

I really should stop watching YouTube videos and reading beauty blogs. After 
watching or reading, all I want to do is head to Ulta or Sephora and buy the 
products that I've heard about. 

Here is one of the products that I've been hearing about lately that is on my
"want to try this" list.

This product claims to contain five luxurious oils to resurface and smooth lips
like a balm, color the lips like a lipstick, all while having the shine of a lip gloss.

That's a lot of promises from one little lip color. Fortunately if I do decide to try
it, the cost is pretty good at only $8.99.

- two -

After watching several of Tiffany D's videos on YouTube, I felt I simply must try

I had a gift card that I got for Christmas, so I ventured in to search for this "miracle
product." The powder is supposed to minimize pores and fine lines to give you an
airbrushed appearance. Well okay then! Give me this powder!

I've used it several times and I like it okay, but did not see overwhelming results. 
I'll be curious to see if I like it more during the summer months. My skin is not 
oily at all during the winter months, so I kind of feel like it is an unnecessary 
product for me right now. The pink and gold packaging is quite pretty though, 
so bonus points for that. :)

- three -

Sadly, I feel like it's almost time for the Valentine decor to come down. It's too 
soon to decorate for Easter, so I will have to play around with what to do for the 
"in between" times. I am absolutely loving having fresh flowers in the house from 
my birthday, so I hope they hang tough and live another several days!

What are you up to today?

Leave a comment and tell me what's happening in your life. I'd love to hear
from you!

Happy Thursday!

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