Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Weekend

Friday's workout was a quick one. I came really close to skipping it, but
decided to throw together a really quick one so that no excuses would 
stop me. This is what I did.

Friday night Miss S actually stayed home with us! She was really tired after a long 
week, and her friends changed to more elaborate plans to drive all the way into town 
at the last minute, so she just decided to catch them next time. (Teenagers are 
notorious for changing  plans at the last minute. It drives Hubby crazy!)

One of her best friends was home from college for the weekend, so she came over to
see Miss S and hang out instead. They had a great time catching up, and Hubby and 
I got to go to sleep early knowing that Miss S was safely at home! Win, win! 

Saturday was a low key day. I trained a client at the gym, but was back home by lunch 
time. Hubby piddled around in the garage, and Miss S had Starbucks with one friend, 
and then went over to another friends house for the afternoon/early evening.

At church Sunday, we had a luncheon after the worship service as a fundraiser/fellowship. 
Our church tries to keep enough money in a "Missions Fund" that when church members
feel led to go on mission trips that the trip is always paid for by the church. So all
proceeds from the luncheon went directly to that fund. Plus we had a great time 
eating and visiting together.

Sunday evening was Super Bowl 50.

We have been long term Peyton Manning fans and were so happy that Denver won!

And what's the Super Bowl without new commercials?!

Our three favorite commercials from the Super Bowl were by:

and for the movie Secret Life of Pets

How was your weekend?

What was your favorite commercial?

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