Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Possibly Odd, But Interesting

I want to start off this post with a true story. You know, one of those sad,
 but true stories. One that will make you feel a little better about your life
today, ha.

This morning when my alarm went off, I staggered and stumbled my way into
the kitchen. I let the dogs out, then chose one of my fancy birthday K-cups.
I got out a coffee cup, added creamer, and got the Keurig ready to brew.
Then I got busy letting the dogs back in, and starting to pack Miss S's 

When I went back to retrieve my coffee...

The cup that I had added creamer to was nowhere near the Keurig.

Yep, I brewed an entire K-cup of coffee with no cup to catch the coffee.


I stopped for a minute and decided that I wouldn't cry, but instead would just
remain calm, clean up my mess, and move on.

SO.... That was my morning! 

I am quite proud of myself for choosing the "no cry" option. That's
progress my friends! ;)

Now back to today's originally scheduled post....

I realize that Youtube is not a substitute for any type of proper medical  
care, but it is a pretty handy little place to spend a few minutes gathering

I've been having issues with foot pain, presumably plantar fasciitis, and to
be totally honest, I would prefer to try to "treat" the condition myself if at
all possible before spending time and money on doctor visits and physical

I'm not suggesting that you should turn to Youtube to treat yourself, but
simply saying that there is some interesting information available out there.

I know watching videos about foot pain may seem like an odd way to
spend time, but I did find two interesting videos.

One hopefully helpful video can be viewed here...

I especially like the nutritional supplement suggestions in this video.
I have never heard of Vitamin B5, but do agree with him about the suggestion
to use Magnesium, and Fish Oil supplements.

And one more here...

I feel that this video also offers pretty sound advice and suggestions.

Again, I'm not a doctor, nor am I suggesting that Youtube is a substitute for
proper medical care, but I don't think it is a bad way to do a little research and
find a few things to try at home.

Have you ever used Youtube for advice or ideas?

Ever had a Keurig incident?

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