Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Myprotein Product Review

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Myprotein to try some of their products,
and review them on my blog. I try to always keep protein powder and protein snacks
on hand so I was thrilled to be able to try new products. This was the first time I had
ever heard about Myprotein products. Myprotein is very popular in the UK and in
Europe, but is fairly new in the U.S.

Last week I received the box of goodies in the mail to try and now I want to let
my awesome blog readers know what I thought about them.

It was an exciting day! I love getting goodies in the mail! :)

I received two pouches of protein powder, a box of protein cookies, and a jar of
smooth peanut butter.

I received the Impact Diet Whey protein powder in the Latte and Vanilla Cookie
flavors. I've tried the Vanilla Cookie flavor in my oatmeal, and in baking, and I've 
used the Latte flavor as a mini-meal protein shake. The Impact Diet Whey protein 
powder also comes in Double Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, and Strawberry Shortcake 

I was very happy with the Latte flavor. I used it while I was on the go, so I simply
mixed it in a shaker cup with water. The latte flavor is spot on. I look forward to
experimenting with it again and using coconut or cashew milk to make it into a
creamy dessert type shake. I enjoyed the Vanilla Cookie flavor in my oatmeal,
and look forward to using it in more recipes too. I used it to make protein
pancakes this morning and they turned out great. I think the Strawberry Shortcake
flavor would probably be pretty amazing in oatmeal, pancakes, or other protein
bar/muffin recipes too.

The pouch style was new to me. I'm accustomed to protein powder in a container, but
the pouch is resealable, so it was not a big problem at all. I think the pouch would be
much easier to pack if you travel a lot.

The protein cookies are available in Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange, Double
Chocolate Chip, and White Almond flavors. I have tried the White Almond flavor,
and found that I like it best when slightly warmed. I have popped it in the microwave
for about 10 seconds, but the best way is to leave it in the car while running errands to
let the sun warm it naturally. It is the same consistency of a homemade bakery style
cookie. The cookie is super easy to carry with you on the go. Miss S wasn't crazy about 
the cookies and said that she could taste the protein powder in them, but because of the
convenience I would likely order these on my own. The Double Chocolate ones are
calling my name!

My absolute favorite of the Myprotein products was the peanut butter. Oh my
goodness, it is soooo good.

I love that it contains 100% peanuts. Many peanut butters that claim to be natural
peanut butter, contain salt, added oils, and sugar. I like that the Myprotein peanut
butter doesn't and the taste in my opinion is heads above other store bought natural
peanut butters.

I have been eating apples dipped in peanut butter almost every day as a snack.
The smooth texture will also be perfect for baking, so I know I won't have any
trouble using up the large 40 oz. jar.

I appreciate that Myprotein gave me the opportunity to try "new to me" products,
and would not have a problem recommending them to a friend.

What's your current favorite protein powder?

Do you prefer to stick with chocolate or vanilla or do you like to
try new, fun flavors?

Thanks for reading and I'll see you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday!


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