Monday, February 22, 2016

Early Mornings and Waffles For Dinner

This weekend we didn't particularly have any big plans. It actually was a pretty good
balance of going out and about, and staying in to rest.


Friday was a fairly busy day for us. Hubby worked and Miss S had school, as usual,
and I had a pretty busy day in the gym. I did find time to pop into Target to check 
out the latest goodies in Bullseye's Playground

After school, Miss S and I headed out to do the final dress fitting for her prom dress.
The alterations turned out perfectly, and her dress is hanging safely in our guest 
bedroom until the big day.

Friday night, Hubby called to see what I was thinking about doing for dinner.
My answer was, "whatever requires the least amount of movement and allows
me to wear comfy clothes and stay home." (This mama was tired!) Hubby was
apparently wearing his Superman cape because he REALLY stepped up! I mean
REALLY! He said, "I will stop at the store and pick up something to grill." 
Best statement of the day right there!

Once he got home he proceeded to cook dinner for me while I watched an episode 
of Gilmore Girls! He grilled steaks, and made baked potatoes with all the fixin's.
He totally saved the day!

Miss S went to Zaxby's and to a movie with her boyfriend, so she missed our 
 wonderful dinner. 


Apparently we need to teach our big, needy labrador to tell time because he woke us
up Saturday morning and 5:52 demanding his breakfast. When a 96 pound animal is
demanding something, it is pretty hard to ignore him. He whimpers and whines, and
nudges you with his big head. If none of those things get a response, he starts jumping
on and off the bed. Did I mention he weighs 96 pounds?!

I got up with the crazy big baby. I was covering a shift for another health coach at the 
gym, which meant I had to be at work at 8:00 anyway. 

Saturday afternoon involved taking down the Valentine's Day decor and making 
some time to rest. 

Miss S was spending the afternoon with one of her best friends that graduated 
last year and now attends Troy University. She was home for the weekend and
she and Miss S always try to get together to catch up.


Sunday after church, we had lunch at Hubby's mom's house. Once we got home
it was time to watch the Daytona 500. (Which means Hubby watched, and I napped, lol.)

Miss S was absolutely thrilled that her very favorite driver won the race.


Congratulations Denny Hamlin! She was SO thrilled!


Hubby got a wild hair to have waffles for dinner Sunday night. He never has really
liked the waffle maker that we have, so off we went on a wild goose chase for a new
waffle maker. We went to Walmart, then to Target, and then to a different Walmart
and eventually got back home to make waffles for dinner. What a random Sunday 

Today is garbage pick up day and it's raining outside. Looks like I will be spending
large amounts of time drying off a chocolate lab today. He goes pretty bananas when
the garbage and recycling trucks come through the neighborhood, so I have lots to 
look forward to today! Ugh.

How was your weekend?

Do you have a pet that doubles as an alarm clock?

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