Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Birthday Bonanza!

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful loving and supportive family. They 
certainly did not hold back in showering me with gifts that helped to make
my birthday extra special. I don't want either of those statements to sound like
I'm bragging, I just want to express how grateful I am for their love, and to say 
how much I appreciate all the things that they do for me.

Thank you for joining me today as I share all the goodies I received this year for
my birthday.

You may remember I shared my big box of K-Cups with you when the delivery 
arrived last week...

Here are all the flavors that came in the box. I have tried several different flavors
so far and LOVE each one!

Not only did the coffee come from Amazon, I also received this One Year Bible.

In this post by Shay, she shared how much she is loving hers, along with the little
reading light and totally convinced me that I needed both of them.

I have never been able to read a book in bed because I don't have a lamp,
or an electrical outlet near my side of the bed. When I saw this little light, and
Shay shared how much she loves hers, I was convinced.

Best decision ever! I am loving both the Bible and the light. This Bible is set
up in a format where it feels more like you are reading a Bible story. So much
easier to read and understand. If you have ever wanted to read through the entire
Bible, but haven't been able to, this may be the way to go for you too.

The Chaco sandals were kind of a spur of the moment purchase.
I had these on my wish list of things to buy, but at $105 I wasn't particularly in a 
rush. When I received an email that they were on sale for HALF-PRICE in a 48 HOUR
FLASH SALE, I changed my mind and acted fast!

Chaco's for $52.50? Delivered to my door?


On Friday, I received these beautiful roses from my parents...

And on Saturday, I received these beautiful roses from my Hubby...

This was me on Sunday!

When all the wrapping paper was torn off, this is what I had...

The Pedi Perfect. I have picked one up about five different times in stores,
but would always put it back because I didn't want to spend the $40 on it.
Now I don't have to do it anymore! I actually have one now!

I love this inspirational quote printed on burlap and framed in the chippy wood frame. 
Now I just need to find the perfect spot to hang it. I want to put it somewhere
that I will see it, and read it, multiple times each day.
 These Lebert EQualier Total Body Strengthener Bars have been on and off my wish 
list for about two years. Again, the price kept me from ordering. I've wanted them, 
but just couldn't commit to the price tag.

Now I have my own! Looking forward to using them and trying new things with them.

I had a wonderful birthday and got so, so many things that I've wanted for quite
a while, plus a few great surprises. I'd be happy to repeat this weekend again any time!

Well, I need to get moving. Unfortunately my driver's license expires tomorrow,
so it looks like I will be spending some time at the DMV today. Sigh.

Thanks for stopping by to visit today, and I'll see you again tomorrow.


  1. Great gifts!!! I love everything you got and you most definitely deserve them. :D

    1. Thank you Tammy! Your sweet comment really made my day! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! That bible has been on my watch list since Shay posted it. Glad to here you like it. Chacos for half off?!?! Where? That is awesome!!!

    1. Thank you Misty! Yes, I am really enjoying the Bible! I ordered the Chacos from the Alabama Outdoors website. It was a deal I couldn't pass up! Thanks for reading & commenting today! :)


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