Monday, February 29, 2016

Last Day in February Weekend Recap

and happy February 29th! 

Tomorrow is a brand new month, and should be a pretty busy one too.

Miss S has Prom, Spring Break, and a 17th birthday, plus it will be Easter, all in
March. But before we move ahead to next month, let's quickly recap the weekend.

- Friday -

I was about 10 minutes from walking out the door to meet a client at the gym
when I got a text that she needed to cancel. Well, I was already dressed and had
make up on, so it seemed like a good time to head to Target!

I made a quick video to share with you the goodies I found.

I forgot to mention in the video the cake stand that I found, so I'll show you
a picture of it being used on my kitchen table.

Target had the same cake stands in February, except the bottom of the stand was red.

I knew red wouldn't be practical because I would only use it during Christmas and 
for Valentine's Day. But when I found the same cake stand with a turquoise bottom,
I knew it was meant to be. Also, I didn't think $5 was a bad price.

Friday afternoon, Miss S and I watched two episodes of Fuller House. We loved it!
I think we both teared up a few times in the first one during all the flashbacks from
the original Full House episodes. I had hoped to watch a few more episodes on Saturday
but my girl is just too darn busy. I really want us to watch together, but she doesn't 
stay home long enough.

- Saturday and Sunday -

Nothing too exciting went on for the rest of the weekend. Miss S went shopping
with a friend, to a birthday party for a friend, and spent time with her boyfriend.

b-day dinner with friends (pic copied from facebook, not my pic)

I piddled around in the house, cleaned a little, and organized a few areas that needed
it. Not too much to share there.

Hubby and I ordered take out Chinese Saturday night, which made for leftovers on

I did this workout video Sunday afternoon, and walked 1.5 miles on my treadmill 
before watching three episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Today, I plan to do this one for lower body and walk on the treadmill.

Blindspot comes back on tonight at 9:00. We may just DVR it and catch it tomorrow.
Sometimes when a show is that action packed, we prefer to watch it a little earlier in the
evening. Guess that's how we know we are getting old, lol! ;)

How was your weekend?

What are you up to today?

Do you watch Blindspot?

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, and Happy Fuller House debut day!

Before you settle in to binge watch, let's have some fun with....

I've got lots of goodies to share with you today, so let's get started!

- one -

I am so looking forward to one of my favorite shows coming back on Monday 
night! The action, the suspense, the drama, and the chemistry between these two  
makes Blindspot awesome. Who would have thought I would actually be looking
forward to a Monday?!

- two -

SO many bloggers and YouTubers have been raving about this NARS Illuminator.

The trick is to mix it with your BB or CC Cream for a more luminous look.
Well.... with it's $30 price tag, I wasn't in a huge rush to run out and try it.

I opted to try a product more suitable for my budget.

I am loving the NYX version. I like it so much that I don't feel like I even
need to think twice about trying the NARS one. And for $6, I will find something
more fun to do with the money that I saved. Bullseye's Playground anyone?

- three -


This was my absolute favorite meal so far this week. It was a new to me
recipe from Iowa Girl Eats, it was easy and quick to make, and it was out 
this world! Portion control was the only problem with this recipe because 
it was hard to stop myself for going back for more and more. So good!

- four -

My favorite sweet tooth crusher was this amazing treat!


I actually couldn't eat it all by myself. I was so rich and chocolatey that I was
satisfied after only eating half. 

This Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Mug Cake was a chocolate lovers home run,
touchdown, or three pointer. Whatever you want to call it, I would call it a winner
in my book.

- five -

Sometimes even a personal trainer needs a workout plan to follow. My brain is
feeling a little tired after a busy week, so I pulled out an old workout plan that
I created several months ago. If the gym isn't super crowded and loud, when I 
finish the session with my client this morning, I will do this workout today.

If the gym is one giant hot mess, I will probably just go home and do this workout
in my home gym.

- six -

I officially completed the Flexibility For Performance study course!

I finally began working on studying for and completing the 20 CEU's required to
keep my personal training certification up to date.

I completed the first book/DVD course and passed the online test with a 95%!
I'm super pumped about that, and now I'm feeling confident enough to
continue on with the next study course, Optimal Muscle Training. My goal is 
to have all of my CEU's completed by March 15.

Will you be watching Fuller House this weekend?

Have you found a new favorite recipe lately?

Do you prefer to avoid the "peak times" at the gym?

I'll see you Monday!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Hello again and Happy Thursday!

It's time once again for...

- one -

I don't have anything too new or exciting to share today, but I CAN tell you 
what I don't want to talk about today.



I need to do it. I have to do it.

Apparently it's not going away.

Flexibility for Performance is the shortest book, so I plan to get to work on
it today.

There really should be an age limit on having to study and take tests...just sayin'.

- two -

My fall and winter candles from Bath & Body just aren't making me happy
like they used to. I am craving some new Spring / Summer scents.

I want to visit a store and see what these scents smell like...

And I actually want this one just because it is packaged so beautifully.

Isn't it so pretty?

I will hold off until the candles are on sale again though. Plus, I don't need to be
sniffing candles. I need to be studying!

The struggle is real my friends, very real.

- three -

Yesterday I was catching up on some episodes of Arrow, and Felicity was wearing
these earrings.

I actually paused the T.V and snapped a picture because I LOVE them.

I am thinking they are what are currently being called "ear jackets," but I'm
not 100% positive. I just know that I really, really want to find and own
some just like them. They are really unique and fun.

Any ideas where I might find a pair like them? Please share if you have any info
on these earrings! Google wasn't much help at all. :(

Well, I guess I can procrastinate no more. It's now time to hit the books.

I hope your day is great and I'll see you tomorrow! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today I'm joining in on the link up fun. I'm linking up to "What's Up Wednesday."

This link up takes place on the last Wednesday of each month, and today I'm happy
to be joining the fun.

What we're eating this week ... 

We are trying a new recipe this week.

What I'm reminiscing about...

I reminiscing about the week that we adopted this sweet baby girl.

She was 12 weeks old when we brought her home and I can hardly believe she
will be 4 years old in a few weeks. With two barking dogs, she is the light in our
household. She is just the sweetest, even if she is 95% DIVA.

What I'm loving ...

After taking down our Valentine Decor, I decided to use little pops of color to brighten up
our kitchen table until it's time to decorate for Easter.

I love the turquoise, white, and yellow combination. It makes me smile every time I
walk into the kitchen.

I'm also loving the "Pray Big" inspirational art work from Kirkland's that I got for
my birthday.
This is it's current home for now.

What we've been up to ...

I'm still on a pretty good high after celebrating my birthday on the 14th.

If you missed it, you can read my birthday recap here and here. It was a pretty
awesome birthday!

What I'm dreading ...

Going to the grocery store after work today. Ugh, it's just a task that never goes
away. As soon as I get home, I will realize something that I forgot to get, or didn't
realize we were out of, and the grocery list will begin again.

What I'm working on ...

Every 2 years, I have to complete 20 CEU's to keep my personal training certification
current. It's that time again. I have all the materials that I need to study, I just need to
MAKE myself sit down and study.

What I'm excited about ...


For many reasons, but especially for the adorable Easter decor and Spring colors.

I found this adorable little bunny garland at Target and can hardly wait until it's time
to use it when I decorate for Easter. 

What I'm watching / reading ...

I try to watch at least one episode every day. I just can't get enough of Lorelai, Rory,
Sookie, Luke, Emily and Richard. 

And thanks to a recommendation from Shay I am enjoying reading this.

What I'm listening to ...

Neither of these songs are new, but nonetheless, I have been listening to
both of them almost on repeat lately.

This song by Matt Maher.

And this song by Francesca Battistelli.

What I'm wearing ...

This is what I look like most days of the week. Well, minus the tattoos, the really long
hair, and the teeny tiny body.

Most days I am in gym clothes. Sunday mornings are almost the only exception.
This is me in real clothes, after church a couple of weeks ago.

What I'm doing this weekend ...

Watching Fuller House!

I am so excited that THIS is coming out on Netflix on Friday.

I'm pretty sure I saw every episode of Full House multiple times, and can not wait to see
what they are up to once again.

And Candace Cameron Bure and Lori Loughlin are absolutely stunning in anything, so I know this will be another hit for both of them.

What I'm looking forward to next month ...

Spring Break, and THIS view.

What else is new ...

Almost every day with a teenager is new. They are always planning outings
and occasions, so there is never a dull moment.

And there you have it! That's "What's Up Wednesday." Thanks for dropping
by today. I'll see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Myprotein Product Review

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Myprotein to try some of their products,
and review them on my blog. I try to always keep protein powder and protein snacks
on hand so I was thrilled to be able to try new products. This was the first time I had
ever heard about Myprotein products. Myprotein is very popular in the UK and in
Europe, but is fairly new in the U.S.

Last week I received the box of goodies in the mail to try and now I want to let
my awesome blog readers know what I thought about them.

It was an exciting day! I love getting goodies in the mail! :)

I received two pouches of protein powder, a box of protein cookies, and a jar of
smooth peanut butter.

I received the Impact Diet Whey protein powder in the Latte and Vanilla Cookie
flavors. I've tried the Vanilla Cookie flavor in my oatmeal, and in baking, and I've 
used the Latte flavor as a mini-meal protein shake. The Impact Diet Whey protein 
powder also comes in Double Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, and Strawberry Shortcake 

I was very happy with the Latte flavor. I used it while I was on the go, so I simply
mixed it in a shaker cup with water. The latte flavor is spot on. I look forward to
experimenting with it again and using coconut or cashew milk to make it into a
creamy dessert type shake. I enjoyed the Vanilla Cookie flavor in my oatmeal,
and look forward to using it in more recipes too. I used it to make protein
pancakes this morning and they turned out great. I think the Strawberry Shortcake
flavor would probably be pretty amazing in oatmeal, pancakes, or other protein
bar/muffin recipes too.

The pouch style was new to me. I'm accustomed to protein powder in a container, but
the pouch is resealable, so it was not a big problem at all. I think the pouch would be
much easier to pack if you travel a lot.

The protein cookies are available in Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange, Double
Chocolate Chip, and White Almond flavors. I have tried the White Almond flavor,
and found that I like it best when slightly warmed. I have popped it in the microwave
for about 10 seconds, but the best way is to leave it in the car while running errands to
let the sun warm it naturally. It is the same consistency of a homemade bakery style
cookie. The cookie is super easy to carry with you on the go. Miss S wasn't crazy about 
the cookies and said that she could taste the protein powder in them, but because of the
convenience I would likely order these on my own. The Double Chocolate ones are
calling my name!

My absolute favorite of the Myprotein products was the peanut butter. Oh my
goodness, it is soooo good.

I love that it contains 100% peanuts. Many peanut butters that claim to be natural
peanut butter, contain salt, added oils, and sugar. I like that the Myprotein peanut
butter doesn't and the taste in my opinion is heads above other store bought natural
peanut butters.

I have been eating apples dipped in peanut butter almost every day as a snack.
The smooth texture will also be perfect for baking, so I know I won't have any
trouble using up the large 40 oz. jar.

I appreciate that Myprotein gave me the opportunity to try "new to me" products,
and would not have a problem recommending them to a friend.

What's your current favorite protein powder?

Do you prefer to stick with chocolate or vanilla or do you like to
try new, fun flavors?

Thanks for reading and I'll see you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Early Mornings and Waffles For Dinner

This weekend we didn't particularly have any big plans. It actually was a pretty good
balance of going out and about, and staying in to rest.


Friday was a fairly busy day for us. Hubby worked and Miss S had school, as usual,
and I had a pretty busy day in the gym. I did find time to pop into Target to check 
out the latest goodies in Bullseye's Playground

After school, Miss S and I headed out to do the final dress fitting for her prom dress.
The alterations turned out perfectly, and her dress is hanging safely in our guest 
bedroom until the big day.

Friday night, Hubby called to see what I was thinking about doing for dinner.
My answer was, "whatever requires the least amount of movement and allows
me to wear comfy clothes and stay home." (This mama was tired!) Hubby was
apparently wearing his Superman cape because he REALLY stepped up! I mean
REALLY! He said, "I will stop at the store and pick up something to grill." 
Best statement of the day right there!

Once he got home he proceeded to cook dinner for me while I watched an episode 
of Gilmore Girls! He grilled steaks, and made baked potatoes with all the fixin's.
He totally saved the day!

Miss S went to Zaxby's and to a movie with her boyfriend, so she missed our 
 wonderful dinner. 


Apparently we need to teach our big, needy labrador to tell time because he woke us
up Saturday morning and 5:52 demanding his breakfast. When a 96 pound animal is
demanding something, it is pretty hard to ignore him. He whimpers and whines, and
nudges you with his big head. If none of those things get a response, he starts jumping
on and off the bed. Did I mention he weighs 96 pounds?!

I got up with the crazy big baby. I was covering a shift for another health coach at the 
gym, which meant I had to be at work at 8:00 anyway. 

Saturday afternoon involved taking down the Valentine's Day decor and making 
some time to rest. 

Miss S was spending the afternoon with one of her best friends that graduated 
last year and now attends Troy University. She was home for the weekend and
she and Miss S always try to get together to catch up.


Sunday after church, we had lunch at Hubby's mom's house. Once we got home
it was time to watch the Daytona 500. (Which means Hubby watched, and I napped, lol.)

Miss S was absolutely thrilled that her very favorite driver won the race.


Congratulations Denny Hamlin! She was SO thrilled!


Hubby got a wild hair to have waffles for dinner Sunday night. He never has really
liked the waffle maker that we have, so off we went on a wild goose chase for a new
waffle maker. We went to Walmart, then to Target, and then to a different Walmart
and eventually got back home to make waffles for dinner. What a random Sunday 

Today is garbage pick up day and it's raining outside. Looks like I will be spending
large amounts of time drying off a chocolate lab today. He goes pretty bananas when
the garbage and recycling trucks come through the neighborhood, so I have lots to 
look forward to today! Ugh.

How was your weekend?

Do you have a pet that doubles as an alarm clock?

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