Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome January!

Welcome to 2016!


Miss S celebrated New Year's Eve with friends, and Hubby and I celebrated
at home by watching Alabama win in the Cotton Bowl.

On Friday we spent the day together as a family and made sure to eat 
black eyed peas and turnip greens for lunch  to ensure health, happiness,
and prosperity in 2016.

Saturday Miss S wanted to go to the mall to exchange a Christmas gift and 
to browse around to see if she could spend some of her Christmas money. 
The mall was packed!!! Please someone remind me to NEVER go to the mall
on the day after New Years. It was awful! Traffic was a nightmare and people
were everywhere.

Hubby spent the day organizing our garage and building shelves to help 
create a better system for organizing our holiday decor. Our garage looks
great right now!

Sunday was another busy day, so I'm hoping to have a fairly low key,
quiet afternoon today. School starts back tomorrow, so I plan to enjoy the 
day today with Miss S and then get back on a more regular schedule on 


I'll see you tomorrow!

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