Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekends and New Goals

Hello again and welcome to a brand new week. Hopefully a week that will not include
one single mention of any possibility of snow!

I mentioned on Friday that snow was in our forecast, and that I was less than thrilled
about it. I spent most of Friday watching the weather like it was my job, and pacing 
through the house looking out all the windows for any possible sign of snow.

 This is what the weather was saying about the snow and temperatures, so I shouldn't
have been such a nervous wreck about it, but the memory of being trapped and it taking
9 hours to get home during the Snowpocalypse two years ago was still very fresh in my 
mind. I was terrified of having Miss S trapped and unable to drive home.

Thankfully the snow held off until around 2:15 and was not sticking at all. I
continued my pacing and panicking until she was home and safely in the house.
Finally I could breathe again! She was home and she was safe!

Once I was sure my baby was okay, I stepped outside to take a couple of videos of
our wet, slushy snow.

This video was taken about 3:30 Friday afternoon,

and this one was taken about 5 minutes later.

Shelley decided to check out the snow from inside the house. Smart kitty! It was so very
cold out there!

Friday evening, our friends from North Alabama made it here and Miss S also
had a friend over. We ordered pizza and had a great time laughing and catching up.

Saturday, I met with a new personal training client, and then completed my own quick
workout once we were done. After the gym, I headed to one of my favorite local stores
to pick up a couple of new tops to wear to church. I was feeling bored with the things 
in my closet, so I wanted something new to freshen up my look. It's hard to shop for 
winter clothes right now because stores already have spring clothes out. Geez, can we 
stop rushing through the seasons?! As if finding cute things while shopping needed to 
be more difficult! I can find things I like for our house all day long, but finding cute
clothes is a little more challenging.

My weekend also included....


can you guess?

If you guessed a Hallmark movie from my DVR, then you guessed right!

And... I just may have watched it twice! :)

Sunday was a pretty typical Sunday for us. Church, a nap, and homework for Miss S.

I want to share a few plans for my week before I go.

I got a fitbit charge HR for Christmas and I have yet to get that little sucker to
10,000 steps. This is the week that I want to change that!

Goals for this week:

*  Get 10,000 steps at least once this week!  ( 5 miles )

*  Get at least 7,000 steps most days this week.  ( 3.5 miles )

*  Complete video and study guide for 5 personal training CEU's

I ordered study materials for my PT Continuing Ed credits that must be completed 
by May, so I need to get to work on that this week.

I think that about covers everything...

Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!

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